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  1. first of all, the person PICKED the company to build his house. so, do some due diligence on the company. if they are unqualified and inexperienced, don't cry to me because you don't speak Thai, as if that means you can't get proper people. if you live in a place without skilled labor, again, not my problem. nobody said paying them the same. i'm saying AFTER you find good workers (yes, it's implied you just don't pick anyone) that you can pay them more than a standard wage. fly a guy from the States over to look over the project after he gets a work permit, whatever. you cut corners, not my problem if your house falls down. people come here, want things cheap, and then complain forever. if people in general are too lazy to research the company.....well, don't complain. everything you said changes nothing. you aren't going to help people get certified.....so, to everyone who hires the brother of a friend for 300 baht and then complains, not my problem. find the right guy, pay them more than they want, and that's what i'm saying.
  2. in my opinion, when you pay a Thai significantly under what they would make in your home country, you are exploiting humans for your financial gain. maybe psychological gain as well, like a god ruling over them for such little money. we just assume 500 baht will make their life as good as ours, and everything will be just great for them because 300 is the norm. but if someone is building a house for you and really, really struggles with the work......for god's sake man, give the man his proper due. i'm really talking about physical labor and......well, maybe at the end of the project give him a bonus if you appreciate the work. we can do sooo much to help others, but we never do. we exploit. sometimes it's fine, since the job is not difficult..... and if everyone you hire is lazy, that still doesn't mean you can exploit them more. to me, that means find another country where you appreciate the people.
  3. that story is nothing. once i was jaywalking and an undercover spy from the Ukraine tried to get me to pay 39 million baht, knowing i only had 38 in my pocket. i was threatened, bugged, and put into a cargo hold for 139 days. i then realized this "cargo hold" was what you farangs call a plane. i landed in Siberia and then things really got crazy....
  4. i went to a doctor about 3 times for a cough and then i asked him, can you do more than stop the cough for a week or so? he said, "oh, ah, i could give you something that would help in the long run (paraphrasing)". it worked. i just shook my head. sure, sue the doctor and hospital, court case in thailand, get 1000 experts from around the globe, maybe it will last 5 years.... you might get 10 baht. i have a feeling the OP knows the answer, just upset. i totally understand.
  5. puukao

    Thai avocados

    so you bought them, will eat them in a day or maybe two... and wondering to know if... lol i think they are the same.
  6. they just installed two in my bathroom. it's ok, i've owned this condo for 11 days.
  7. 17 pages in a day means one thing.... the title is WRONG, inaccurate, click bait, not true, and clearly goes against common sense to all who live here. next....
  8. can't see the link, but interesting. 55 and over does make more sense. lake in the back yard means mosquitoes, but i love the atlantic. i've been in maybe 10 trailer parks in the US, but none for people over 55.... we all know the bottom line. you both go there and trust your gut feeling. that's really everything. until that happens, i still wouldn't want to be in some "cult." LOL. What if they have 10 devil worshippers? all 100 yards away. or retired crazy people who are always 1 minute from you, asking for peanut butter at 5 a.m. lol. a retirement community is expensive and also crazies, but maybe better medical care if needed on site. again, life is crazy.... you might live next to someone who had 100 daughters who are 30 and sunbathe in the nude every day....LOL... or billy the meth head.... we just don't know, BUT spend more money than less. more money can help filter out the crazies....
  9. My carry-on bag was 49 kg, and I just said Mai Bpen Rai, kaaaaaphom. smile.
  10. In the year 3098, the world as we know it ended because of a Zombie Apocalypse.... all cases were on one very, very small island about to be blow up by 100 nuclear bombs. One Zombie went to the airport and threw up blood.... Unfortunately, due to Facebook and Twitter, the average IQ in 3098 is only 34.... so everyone helped him on the plane, destined for Mexico City, Beijing, and elsewhere.... one lady on the plane wanted to kiss the Zombie for a cool selfie....
  11. i'll play the devil's advocate...... first, the manager of the park can be crazy and make your life crazy (no, never lived there, but stayed at some when i did extensive traveling).....fines all the time, crazy rules, and they really own you on everything. one place checked internet usage on each person, then banned people. i'm not a fan of that. then the people who live there. 10 kids in a trailer....one guy drinks all day....one guy talks to your wife all day...you get the idea. i'd never do it. if you want to leave, they may charge you a zillion months. I'm not a big fan of tiny homes, but more so than a trailer park. or a nice townhome, not condo. florida has the most crazies anywhere. needed to throw that in.... if i had to pick......i would start with San Antonio and a townhome. try to travel to places in Minnesota and Wisconsin....if you can handle the cold, might be a better quality of life. my two cents....
  12. There were small holes not yet found in the room, with poison darts laced with a bacteria found only in one tree, deep in the Amazon forest. Only 11 people have seen this tree, with footprints tracing back to a small city deep in Siberia. The man actually thought he was going to sign contracts for an oil development property deep in the mountains of Laos. The woman spoke 13 languages, and only appeared short because she hypnotized the staff. ebook..... $9.99
  13. Only the broke farang in his room with a large Leo beer will think and convince himself life is rigged by 2 people and there is no hope for him. so they bash and complain, giving them more reason to do nothing. then they blame someone else for their lack of doing anything. then they just say it's all a conspiracy against them....and then back to the Leo beer.
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