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  1. samtab


    Discuss with a Thai 555 Only my 23 years old KIK understands what's happening and supports democracy. Older Thai all are pure idiots.
  2. hello, first time buying ugly hiking shoes, so I am looking at decathlon products which are usually good. but is there any expert here who could tell me why it's better buying the expensive brands ? or decathlon shoes are good enough ? https://www.decathlon.co.th/en/13189-hiking-trekking-shoes?refinementList[nature_id_en][0]=Shoes&sortBy=decathlon_thailand_category_price_asc thank you.
  3. This is the only truth. Guys scared by dogs are a joke for human beings...
  4. IS the other shop that imports UK food also good ? maybe easier to visit there now ?
  5. samtab


    New gym at Jomtien near Jomtien condo complex. 1200 thb / month now.
  6. People who are not able to think just repeat that enamel paint is bad for walls but I still think that it's the best for kitchen and bathroom. I also do not like different color between the wood around the doors and the walls.
  7. Free sterilisation is done by volunteers and mostly PAC + animal army. This truck has never been anywhere to sterilize any dogs. https://www.facebook.com/AnimalArmyTH/ https://www.facebook.com/PattayaAnimalCoalition
  8. hi, I will need someone to take care of 2 dogs at least 2 days a week, not my dogs, but someone who will need to travel for work (I take care of the matter because Thai are too idiot when it's about dogs, and I will pay to help). I do not want an official kennel / dog hotel for different reasons: too expensive, don't want dogs locked in cell, etc... I think many Thai live on a small land in an old house with garden, and might be interested to get easy money. Can you tell me if in your area (around Pattaya) you can find someone who matches my description ? No need t
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