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  1. easy ! just buy an imported model as I always do !
  2. Amnesty will be extented, they have no choice, not enough planes in a day for hundreds thousand foreigners who need to go out. But why is is so complicated to understand something so easy for most ?
  3. Thai customs do not always check, they are automatically checked by the couriers ! They check and tax on behalf of customrats, reason why they can import faster.
  4. yes so slow ! but even aliexpress from china is slow now.
  5. samtab

    Bed bugs

    This is the only truth ! whatever he will do, he will still have them.
  6. why do you wake up when it's time to sleep ? is it what we call aging ? it's so scary !!!
  7. why even talking ? do you think that anybody will listen to you ? It's now clear for most of this stupid world controlled by old retarded politicians that there is no hope to ban any drug ? Understood ? Finally they will all be legal, you like it or not. It's like saying that you are against electricity or internet... ridiculous.
  8. and we actually don't even need one to buy when the doctor is not at the shop....
  9. Thank you, we already have everything we need, even very strong legal cannabis oil that makes us so hiiiggghhhh
  10. One more time you didn't understand. There is not airmail AT ALL to the <deleted>SA since June 1st, letters or parcels. only EMS is possible, and today the situation is still the same. Impossible to know why, as there are many planes to US everyday.
  11. maybe organic kefir is more useful ?
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