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  1. Disturbed by a fridge, you must be the kind also disturbed by a barking dog near your house, or just a car passing by...
  2. This is actually a problem for most foreigners it seems ! They are really not born with any style knowledge ! Most condos are so ugly and old style with wooden $hit furniture. So incredible that someone can find this nice...
  3. Hi, is Kiss restaurant open 24 hours as before ? or where can you eat at night ? thank you.
  4. So you live at Pattaya Esarn ? I mean the dark side ! So funny for me that people live in a house where their only view is a wall and near the sea that they hardly see once a year ! Better live in real Esarn, at least it's cheaper !
  5. I paid road tax with many speed tickets, still no problem so it's funny all the BS that we can read on this forum from people who know nothing...
  6. Clearly the best way to get 2 more months amnesty extension, as we will be so many waiting the last minute...
  7. hi, is there a number to call when we find a badly injured street dog ? What people usually do ? Let him die alone in the street ? Thanks.
  8. But in EU you can hardly take away the caddie when you go back home, right ?
  9. If Thai government would really care about foreigners and tourists, they would fine 100000 thb anybody having such policy for any even or at any business. Then it would be big news that Thailand likes and cares about foreigners. Yes ! i'm dreaming...
  10. Just stop your meter for the next few months ! Not very difficult...
  11. Tahiti or Samui ? I still prefer Samui ! At least they don't speak French here !
  12. Not very difficult to ask them to video the removing and installation of new aircon, right ? Even a Thai can understand this... And the price is correct, she is not driving a Ferrari !
  13. yes but every new Accord model is more ugly than the previous one... it looks like a competition for ugly cars among the designers !
  14. Do we know how often it happens that any electric / electronic appliances dies after a power cut / back ?
  15. So now Japanese cars and German cars cost the same to fix when it's electronic problem ? So better have style and drive a car that deserve it's name...
  16. yes my dealers are farmers and I love to support them <3
  17. hello, when having an accident insurances companies usually want that you fix at a garage where they have a contract / partnership, but it's not an obligation. Usually to paint a car there is a long queue and if you do not want to wait, you can go anywhere you want, but you must pay first and get refunded later. Has anybody done it ? Do insurance companies make it difficult to refund you ? or as soon as they have approved the repair price, they will refund quickly after fixing the car ? Thank you.
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