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  1. This was the process 4 years ago. Things may have changed. I absolutely did not have the option to fly back to Hongkong (where I came from).
  2. Process is like this: - IO officer at desk calls other officer - Other officer escorts you to an area where you need to wait - Your passport gets examined again, you will be questioned in or outside an office. What do you do in Thailand? Do you work in Thailand? How much money do you have with you? And all sorts of questions regarding your visa history. - If they go ahead and refuse you entry, you will be escorted to another office where you get the chance to buy a ticket. If you cant pay, you need to wait until there is a free spot back home with your national airline (this can take a while, PAY IT!). You can buy a ticket on your phone or ask a mate to buy one and provide them with the reservation number. - You will be escorted to the detention cell which you share with a group of other people waiting for their next flight home. - You have access to electric so you can charge your phone and notebook. - Once your flight is due you get picked up by 2-3 officers and you will be escorted to the departure gate right before the flight. It is then when you get your passport back. Be aware that usually they want to you to back to your HOME country with your national airline and not the country you came from (if it differs). Few people succeed to convince them to let you fly back to the country you came from or anything other than your home country.
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