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  1. He will do anything for money. That is why he is the greatest president of the no.1 Capitalistic country in the world. 555
  2. "Dr. Redfield informed Vice President Mike Pence and the White House coronavirus task force that the CDC will be issuing new orders on the number of days that a person who has been in direct contact with the COVID-19 virus should quarantine" as per the New York Times article. So, just sloppy journalism then. And it would appear not much respect was shown for the CDC by the current administration at central or state level if the official US covid-19 pandemic response and the effect it has had is anything to go by.
  3. I wonder who the CDC is empowered to order around? Or just sloppy journalism again? Not really pertinent to any country outside of USA as it has to do with community exposure, and if those affected are not incarcerated in a secure quarantine facility it will serve no purpose at all.
  4. Of course there is. However, the death rate should not be as high this time round as new treatment protocols should be in place now that more information is available about the nature of the disease and how to treat it. Early treatment protocols where intubation was the first choice directly lead to numerous deaths that could have been prevented.
  5. Must be very extensive renovation to take so long to complete.
  6. They are not required to have a covid test before returning to Thailand. And, as stated in the OP, most were asymptomatic so they did not even know that they were infected. This is not unusual as in the majority of cases elsewhere in the world, people with covid are either asymptomatic or only very slightly affected by this virus.
  7. So, what exactly will they be left with if EU does not give in? Do they, in fact, have any bargaining power at all?
  8. So, Cambodia must pay for all the carnage inflicted on it by the USA while it conducted its war on communism? Including the carpet bombing of swathes of Cambodian countryside? If I were them, I would tell the USA to take a hike..
  9. So much for Trump's trade war with China. Now did that not backfire spectacularly.
  10. What on earth could the validity date of your visa have to do with you selling your car? Did they give you an explanation about this? Are they now immigration officers all of a sudden?
  11. Is it that time of the year again? It seems like just yesterday that wildfires were devastating large tracts of Australian bush and endangering many homes and people. Let's hope this year is better.
  12. And when retribution comes, they blame the other side. I doubt that the USA did this themselves , they are far to fond of getting proxies to fight their wars for them. Pathetic warmongering at its worst.
  13. Maybe because areas listed are not popular holiday destinations for Western tourists? Who knows how they come up with these ideas?
  14. Until such time as a definitive answer is forthcoming, it is highly speculative to say that it did.
  15. As long as governments are able to sell to the populace that it is effective, it will continue.
  16. If they reduced to 10 days, they might be able to squeeze in a third sucker by month end. I wonder if they will mull or have mulled this. Makes good business sense. Much like the sittings at restaurants. Get 'em in, get 'em out as quickly as possible to make place for next customer.
  17. Politicians create the enemy so that their buddies in the weapons industry can profit. As long as politicians are allowed to continue to place wealth creation for their buddies above the wellbeing of the citizens they were elected to serve, nothing is going to change. And Joe Citizen is the only one dying from this shameful state of affairs.
  18. Should of had this organized from the start. They had enough time. I found this one of the most frustrating and time consuming part of the whole exercise. For example, after confirming availability, search for a flight, find flight then e-mail hotel to confirm booking only to get reply from hotel that room is no longer available. Then have to start all over sending e-mails to hotels until one has room available. Rinse and repeat.
  19. UK is hat-in-hand in this one. Political blustering ad nauseam will not change the EU's position.
  20. And nicotine oils are not all you can vape with the right equipment. Just ask Snoopdog. Weed and Crystal meth come to mind. This just might be the real reason for banning e-cigs, and not what they are trumping up as the real reason. If they did, they would be admitting that there is a drug problem in Thailand
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