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  1. Hello, You should find this in a craft or hobby store. (Show an example to the seller) We will also sell you dyes for your resin, rings, cords, small items to put inside and perhaps advice if you come across a specialist. For the natural, already dry flowers or leaves, between two sheets of blotting paper. Otherwise, shells, insects that you find, already dead. Have fun with great satisfaction.
  2. In short, Gamini, when a person is severely disabled, as you describe yourself, the immigration service can come to your home, provided, of course, that you have a medical certificate from your doctors, that your friend can send them and you have your complete file. In my club, we had this case 2 or 3 years ago, and immigration employees went to this person's home. Beware, if you are seen moving outside your home, you risk big, very big. Don't take immigration for an idiot.
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