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  1. it is possible that it is tasty. In my country, we ate grilled grasshoppers and live crabs, as well as the paunch of animals. We found it delicious. It's just a matter of habit
  2. Yes, yes, since Emmanuel 1st proclaimed himself Emperor, there is a scent of dictatorship, but only for native French people, but not for those of "papers" or various, varied and damaged foreigners. A little while longer, and he will rule the whole earth. See LIBAN
  3. me, I prefer the nails, there is longer to trim, and it is a good appetite suppressant
  4. In my opinion, I think it is to facilitate cutting, into small pieces, the chicken. In the store, or restots, you are sold roast chicken, whole, with the skin or cut, always with the skin. I do not believe that the Thais are worried about what they really eat, because hygiene, malnutrition, balanced meals are not yet on the program in schools, nor in families. For taste, at TESCO, the chicken is disgusting. Sweety salty On the other hand, at Villa Market, not bad at all.
  5. God of the Sun, post 140, I bow down to you, Why the French police would allow themselves to curb the enthusiasm of migrants / undocumented / asylum seekers, to practice this extreme sport, by forcing them to stay on French soil. You have to know how to be a teacher and let these young people express themselves, this gives them adrenaline, euphoria, pleasure.
  6. Too bad for you, because we had never had a refusal at CENTARA, and our last visit was at the end of January, I believe, just before the confinement. Too bad for them, they have lost customers.
  7. jesimps, post92, hello, That is very true, France is a safe country for all the scum of the earth. Undocumented migrants and asylum seekers march through the streets with impunity, they ransack churches, burn them on occasion, slaughter priests, steal, assault, stink firefighters and law enforcement, and file complaints. against them, when a firefighter has the audacity to put out a car fire or against the police officers who have also had the misfortune of pinning them to the ground, for spitting, rebellion, and so on.
  8. Dunroaming, hello Frankly, comparing Thais to Africans, you're going a little hard. You don't have to know the African people, although sometimes I find a bit of similarity between these two countries. But so little.
  9. bah! roo860, the police did well not to show up. If she had been involved, illegals and human rights associations would have filed a complaint for obstructing freedom not to reach the country of their choice. And the police would have had 3 months suspended prison sentence. This is France. And the law is that of foreigners. Good luck to those who live there.
  10. Since, in your last wishes, you ask not to joke about your message, I will therefore respect them. Why not donate your body to a hospital. In my country, this is done through an organization, and you receive a card to put in your wallet. On your last trip, if your organs are in good condition and you are not too old, they will be transplanted. If you are elderly, your body will be used in medical schools. In Thailand, I don't know how it goes.
  11. Yes, you can go to the parking lots. maybe the guard will ask you where you are going, but he will let you through. No problem, either, to get to the beach, through the hotel. Good tastings of pizzas, if they are made with bread dough, without forgetting, tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, thyme and olive oil. Otherwise, the rest is rubbish.
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