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  1. You should learn about the presidents who have led their compatriots to death, with the simple reflection so "stupid", so stupid: "we strongly condemn these attacks, these attacks, these massacres. Justice will be done". Nothing is done, or very little. And it continues with impunity.
  2. But I liked President TRUMP. He was true to himself, tight in his boots, never deviating. He waved to everyone, applauded the crowd. Several times a day there was something going on with him. Now I feel like America no longer exists. It's dead and sad.
  3. Christ Y1, I will let you know that you have brought out a law that has been obsolete for almost 10 years. Those over 60 are not favored over those over 50. Now, if you don't show 400,000 bs, blocked on your account for the whole year, then great. Either you have a conciliatory agent, or the extension of our stay is different.
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