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  1. I went to the Branch at Kad Suan Kaew shopping Mall. They are very familiar with the needs of the expats, generally speak good English and know what the Thai Immig wants.
  2. At Bangkok Bank such a letter costs 50 baht. Statement are probably free.
  3. Fully agree with FolkGuitar on this one. You don't like it here, welcome to depart. Neighboring states may invite you in, please send us a postcard.
  4. I shop online at 'ALL DAY CHEMISTS'. India but with various payment methods. Generic cialis works great. I do not know if shipping meds into T'land is permitted. I ship to another place.
  5. Went to Immig Monday, 3pm, for my 90 day report. Parked across street, entered the copy shop for my copies of passport pages and was told no copies needed. I looked askance at her, i had never heard of Immig not wanting copies. She said TM47 only. Marched across the road, took the free form, filled it, found the correct queue and was next to take a number. My number was called after a minute and up to counter ONE I went. Clerk looked at the form and my passport including my last 90 report. She took a page from the nearby printer and stapled the new form into the last page of the passport and handed the passport back to me. Oddly, i spoke to no one. Scampered back across the street: done and dusted in 5 minutes. Parking fee 20 baht, no other cost.
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