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  1. No passengers no flight thats easy. Who to blame??????? Not true. I went several times. Always heavily booked
  2. I live in Hua Hin and stay here on a one year multiple NON-O based on retirement from a Thai embassy/consulate in my home country. I returned from a trip to Malaysia on Sept, 17 and went to Hua Hin immigration in the hills today (Sept, 19). At the time of visit the immigration office was almost deserted (upstairs 4 to 5 western foreigners, downstairs some people from neighbouring countries). A young lady behind a counter downstairs advised me that I have to fill out the TM28 form, which I would obtain from a small office in the back. I went there and again found a young lady waiting for me, nobody else was in the room, nobody else was waiting. She provided me the form and helped me to fill it out, very kind, very helpful. Then she forwarded me to another office further back in the yard, where I had to copy my passport (3 copies: one with entry stamp and TM6, one showing my visa, one with picture page). Then I went back again to the lady behind the first counter. Gave her all the copies, the filled form and the passport. Within less than 5 minutes I got my passport back together with a stamped and signed RECEIPT OF NOTIFICATION, showing my name and my address in Hua Hin. Everything went smooth and kind of professional. No one blamed me for coming past the 24-hour limit. Faces brighten up when you speak Thai. My visit came on the back after I had informed my landlord in BKK about the newly enforced rules, but they simply refused to go there, even after I send them the TM30 form in Thai.
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