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  1. Think what you like,thats the whole point of this thread
  2. real but not fully solid, but I could explain to them what he looked like.
  3. Exactly, thats the point of my post to see learn about other peoples experiences. Many people are fully aware that there could be something else, but would never admit to it, but thats ok, each to his own.
  4. But if you are told not to do something, why do it? They knew it was wrong.
  5. lol. I just wanted to hear peoples replies, the jokers are non beleivers, but its a laugh to read the posts
  6. condo, I couldnt take a picture as there was nobody there lol
  7. Its not the first time I have seen things. But in this experience, I have only know the girl for just over half a year. Never met her husband, never seen a picture of him as she has always been very secretive about him, and never been to the aparment before. Even when my freinds took over her aparment, all of her pictures were placed in drawers.
  8. How ever deep the well was, she did what any good mother would do and jumped in for her kid.
  9. Hi guys. The other day I went to a freinds house for dinner. Its not there condo but are looking after it for a mate of theres while she is outside of Thailand. While we were sat down I saw a man stood in the kitchen. First of all I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. That was until my mates wife started asking questions, how old does he look, what was he wearing etc etc.. When I described what I saw or thought I saw, she went white, walked into the front room from the balcony where we were all seated, opened a drawer and took out a picture of the girls husband who owns the apartment. He passed away a few years back, and what i described without seeing the picture or ever meeting him was spot on. How can this be explained? Have any of you ever seen or heard anything? Or are you just 100% none believers? Would be good to hear read some comments what ever they are.
  10. crossing during a pandemic into a locked down country. Bang them all up, they don't care about the saftey of anyone. Its not because they are Chinese, I would have said the same thing about any other nationality.
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