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  1. Lots of time wasters here, oh! look in the mirror “Life is lived in time. Therefore he who wastes time, wastes life.”
  2. This is a <deleted> shoot, the MFA, rejected me though I qualified and was one step away ... wait for it... I was coming from the USA and this was in Aug. They only took people from " certain" countries. Even though I was CV-19 free and was going to de 2 weeks quarantine in the hospital.
  3. Same same but different2 to the 10 power for those who understand. But let's not allow all int'l passenger flights. At least the int'l airlines have new improved air filtration systems and disinfect the aircrafts big time between flights. Are the taxi's cleaned between rides?
  4. We all need to accept in the eyes of the Thai authorities there are 2 types of people living in Thailand, Thais and tourists. Tourist = non Thai.
  5. Out of the 40,000 that have returned - how many tested positive in quarantine ? The hospitals are making some big money. SInce May 8, total + test = 3000, today 3966, soooooo 966. Most in quarantine, I think. Most Thais, so how much is hospital making? May 8th , 161 active cases, today 94. Mostly Thais. 98.44% recovery. What are you taking about?
  6. 1200 tourists? whoop whoop. LOLIts all just Internal propaganda with no hold in real life.I wonder who they think they are fooling? They are not tourists. They may be foreigners , but like me not a tourust, returning retiree.
  7. The numbers never add up. I recently returned on a flight with 45-60 passengers and I did not see anyone that looked to be on a holiday. And we were NOT, just returning ex-pats. And what a pile of you know what to achieve that.
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