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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies. They were fine about it, though about as cordial as they usually are. Though after paying and getting my receipts, they are holding my passport until Friday, stating my extension will be "ready" then. Weird, in ten years here, no IO has ever held my passport when doing their business. They just get on with it in-office and send me on my way with my passport. They grilled me a bit even after showing the note from the hospital, a photo of her sick, and my plane itineraries that I had to postpone, but I got the impression they were too busy and too stressed t
  2. We live in Nong Khai. They are not a helpful office, so I don't have high hopes, especially since I'm on four days overstay now. When there was an immigration policy change a couple weeks ago about all extensions now being valid starting from Nov. 1 forward regardless of date of extension (we extended Sept. 8 or so), we went there to get clarification and they told us no, the original extension date of Nov. 25 stands, and that it wouldn't be Nov. 1 + 60 days = Dec 30. They then said we couldn't extend additionally without a letter from the US embassy. It doesn't feel like it matters if we'
  3. Hoo boy. My wife and I are scheduled to travel to the US in two days. We have overnight train tickets to BKK leaving tonight, and due to the flight time, if we miss the train, we miss the flight in BKK. Last night and this morning wife is vomiting (including water), nauseous, weak, and wiped out....looks like stomach virus or food poisoning...we're heading to the hospital in a few. She clearly can't fly, nor would she likely be allowed to by her appearance even if we were insane enough to try. We'll move our plane/train tickets by a week or so, no problem, but my wife is VERY
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