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  1. ok. but it is accessibile through the credit card as the fixed deposit guarantees the sums spent on the credit card. No?
  2. not recent experience but I too at CW was refused the fixed deposit. Seeing as we now have to keep the sum for a huge part of the year, could the sum be used to issue a secured credit card? How does that work the deposit is moved to another account, but what you spend doesn't get taken out of that but out of your savings account? Can't see how it would work if it came out of the secured amount. Anyone know?
  3. No ones answering, but I take it there isn't. Would have been a great help if they had considered that, even a percentage of the value.
  4. How about a trip to Kk immigration with copies of the stat dec from the past years, and ask "in the interest of resolving the problem for all", you understand that they want a different stat dec wording but seeing as the wording in the past years has resulted in the extension being granted, you are will to sign that you understand the new rules for the following extensions. Also taking into account that the stat decs can no longer be produced and that there are some very recent new regulations and that there is also a letter understandably saying the immigration offices should be lenient. I'd try talking to them, leaving in full view the article with BJ's number in view, but not threatening to use it. Subtly inferring that they were wrong to accept it in the past if they persue the arguement. Good luck
  5. What I meant was that the 800,000 would be a combo made up of 3 different methods ( slight variation on the first combo method you shared) 300,000 bank + say 250,000 in an embassy income letter + monthly deposits of 21,000 ( 300,000+ 250,000= 550,000 + 252,000 (12x21,000) It is very similar to the first combo example. Is it a possibility? Problem is having to plan 12 months ahead, if not done properly causes a f... up Thanks
  6. Correct. Income letter from Embassy, OR, bank statements + letter from bank. Thanks for info, I was worried but by the info you have shared this year I will be ok. However.. reading the post above, next year should I want to do a combo method of 300,000 in the bank plus tot in letter of income plus difference in monthly deposits in your opinion would it be possibile? Thanks
  7. I,m sorry but I think they do. But I will let you know for sure once I have visited the Italian Embassy. In Italy you have to do an end of year tax return, any sums you recieve, pension income or from investments etc etc, all have to go on the return. Your tax declaration is online for the authorities. If I take my hard copy into the embassy I presume they will verify it online. I will let you know as i shall be going there shortly. This brings me to another point, I have to have the assurance from the embassy that should they decide to stop the income letters that they will give at least 1 year notice. Failing this I could end up with no income letter in the middle of the year and no way of making the 12 monthly deposits.
  8. As I said I'll be going there shortly, directly for the extension, and a copy of the leniency letter, if needs be maybe they will say I need to put on another 100,000. but it won't have been seasoned. I'll keep you informed. Is there anway we could write out different situations and submit them to Immigration to have answers on how they would answer in each situation? Seems some users have connections for information, but this is word of mouth, would be nice if maybe Thaivisa with our input could submit some examples to know how they would reply. Mine first!
  9. Hi, I will be doing the combo method in roughly 20 days. 300,000 in the bank and an income letter dated Dicember from the British Embassy. I go over the required amount by about 50,000 Baht. I have another view of the required amount to be kept in the bank, 400,000 is 50% of the 800,000 required by the deposit condition, and due to the fact there is more than one option, one of which is the income letter. The income letter on it's own to the full amount requires no deposit, no keeping an amount on the account for 5 months, no foreign transfers to the thai bank. My reading of the of art 5 " withdrawal under the same conditions as stated in art 4", is that I have to leave the entire sum I submitted for the extension approval ie 300,000 for 3 months and 50% can be withdrawn after the 3 months. I know logic doesn't live in our musings, but it seems logical based on all the available options.
  10. Hi, I'll be doing the extension in just over 2 weeks, combo method, deposit and letter of income from British Embassy, I'll keep you posted of the outcome. Does anyone have the link to the leniency letter, I'd like to take it with me....
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