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  1. I,ve come in 2nd then with the 20.6.19 Tmrw I.m going to do a status check. Ggrrr
  2. Email confirmation and that you have to wait for a username and password that will be sent. I,m waiting since end of May, Same as a neighbour, we did it both at roughly the same time. Bangkok
  3. Sorry, maybe I.m wrong, but if you have a US passport come in on that. Can anyone correct me ..there should be no problem , as if you had no thai citizenship. If you used your thai passport then maybe you are right. I believe at a certain age the military obbligations are scrubbed. Could be wrong...
  4. Personally I think we should use whatsapp, that has the option of sending your location. Instead of imposing on friends, if staying at their place for blue books etc etc, it,s all in the hands of the expat. A single whatsapp to immigration with the location details, maybe even a photo of the room/condo/ house/ number. Soooo easy. Or Set the whatsapp with all the documents sent by photo. After which by location button. Also you would have the little blue ticks as a receipt.
  5. Say you can.t access money for 24 months.
  6. Sit it out. Bail has been paid. The ex boyfriend trumped up the bail initialy, the child is his. He,s declaring she had nothing to do with it. She has a father. You have been around for 3 months. Let them all deal with it. Stay out of it. If she cares she,ll still be there at the end if it. If not you were being used .
  7. I appreciate that but knowing someone in 3 months is not possible, you could be well let down. What would you advise a friend in the same position?
  8. Picked forgot password and got...... So. The username is not the email. And I,m waiting from the 25th May 2019. Nice idea tho
  9. So he has a different login\password for each property, that's daft. My guesthouse has one login and password which makes more sense Perhaps because the guesthouse is one unity, with various rooms, whereas in a condominium an owner can buy more singular condos,( not as a guesthouse which is similar to a hotel,) but each unit/condo rented out. And I would guess that that is the only option to register each separately . you can have separate owners for the condo units, but you cant have separate owners for the guesthouse rooms
  10. You have to wait till they send you both. I still don t know if the email address is my username, as the username and password will be sent email. Anyone out there that knows if the user name is the email? Near on 2 months waiting now from Bkk CW.
  11. Would a registered letter from the child to her mother, stating that as they no longer live together since.....date...and that she requires these documents that regard her, she would like to recieve them in someway. Then when you don,t get an answer is it possibile to get copies of the documents from the relevant offices? Using this as proof. You need some sort of paper trail that you are the only one looking after the girl, and the mothers not interested. Sooner the better. Maybe even personal letters, between her and her mum, taped phone calls. There must be a way of getting copies.
  12. The minor, she has dual passports too? Is it possibile for her to travel with you on a foreign passport without the mothers authorization?
  13. A retirement extension can be obtained from how many different types of visa? I thought all the discussion was we don.t have a visa but we have a retirement extension.
  14. In theory, it would be better for the persons involved, to have an app not based on the single residence as if you go to a thai persons home they have to be involved in all the reporting saga. An app where each person logs in and uses using their google location. Like a mega whatsapp that locates you too. Maybe write the condo room number. Actually whatsapp does a location...... Can we suggest we send them a whatsapp?
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