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  1. what do you expect, they are doing there job(ha-ha)as expected!!
  2. read the new article on Bangkok Post!!!! chasing there butts
  3. not with there covid-19 plans for vaccination!!!! won't reach herd vaccination the way they are going and pass the responsibility("excuse" to private hospitals and clinics.") what happens in the areas that do not have private hospitals or clinics????
  4. i live in a 5building complex in bangkok. i have been told that people in one of the buildings have covid-19!! are there any lists of people who are supposed to be self quarantined and where they live!!!!! who is responsible to moniter self quarantine!! is there any quarantine POLICE?? how does any one know that people in there buildings/complex may have covid-19 and how are they monitered and they follow rules of self quarantine!! do they go out to get FOOD!!! this is a perfect way to spread covid-19 as all the people have no idea as to who and what building in
  5. it will probably be another rip-off sinovac vaccine runs around $5.00 per dose depending on what deal they got.
  6. distributed to what people? is it a million vials or a million jabs divide by 2
  7. why is it taking Thailand so long to get vaccine out to the public! other countries have administered millions of doses of vaccine already. some are near herd vaccination coverage. centers are set up all over the countries, all you have to do is go to get vaccine jab!! malls, shoping centers, pharmacys, drive through, etc.
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