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  1. The Thai taxi driver who killed the American Troy Pilkington with a machete received a sentence of 10 years in prison. I’ve sometimes wondered what sentence was given to the taxi driver who killed Troy. Yesterday I decided to try to find out. My Google searches for Troy and the name of the taxi driver (both in English and Thai) turned up nothing other than the news of the murder. I found a Bangkok Post article about it which mentioned the name of Troy’s sister. I did a Google search for her and found someone on Facebook who I thought might be her, so I sent a message asking if she was Troy’s sister and if she knew what sentence the taxi driver received. I apologized if my question brought back painful memories and told her I’d understand if she didn’t reply. She sent a reply telling me that the driver was sentenced to 10 years in prison. We had a nice conversation about a lot of things. Some of her comments were – I try not to think about his last moments. I wish the lady that helped him spoke English – (she) owned a bridal shop on the side walkway where it happened. She ran to my brother and he said a few things. She also got the pink taxis number. That's how he was caught…He (Troy) didn't deserve what happened by the lying taxi driver who ran away When I was doing my search, I came across a post by a thaivisa member who asked if anyone knew what sentence the taxi driver received, so I figured some of the thaivisa members would be interested in knowing this.
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