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  1. Brazil, Mexico, Iran, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan? You go in a crowded place in a hot country (or cold) like a night club, indoor party, buffet, church service, wedding, crowded/mini bus , long distance bus and there's a 'super-spreader', boy you are going to have a high chance you will get this very contagious , very nasty virus. Yes Vietnam, Thailand seemingly have far lower rates and Japan has been very lucky. Countries that do a lot of testing know more of course as they test , trace and isolate. Many people can die and get recorded in some countries as pneumonia etc
  2. Just on getting the Fa-rang back to Thailand: simple just get the Baht down. same goes for Thai exports of course of which Tourism is one. The Baht high rate is damaging everything and Europeans can go to Spain, Italy and Greece and enjoy cheaper prices, sunny beaches, progressive approach to clubs & drinking etc. Long haul flights to Thailand during peak times were getting ridiculous too especially at Xmas & summer holidays. How can Brits for example come at 38 baht to pound. !0 yrs ago it was circa 55 baht. Why oh why does Thailand keep its currency - one of the highest in South East Asia. No wonder Vietnam is popular.
  3. The lock-downs, restrictions on inter-provincial travel, mandatory temp checks at roadsides, malls etc and continuing air line travel bans, suggests like many other countries this nasty killer of a virus is manifest especially if it is alleged pneumonia deaths have alarmingly increased,
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