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  1. 6 months of crap uk weather in semi darkness cold wet freezing winter .................followed by 3 months of wet windy crap weather...............followed by 1 week of summer when you cant go out as everywhere is packed.......followed by the rest of summer ie cloudy dull 19c if lucky......repeat for 42 years. Reason to stay skinny wife, big jugs , keeps me in money as opposed to fat English wife with fat jugs who only might ask for money
  2. purchased my car November , just got the white number plate but then the dealer did say he would register it for me in 2019 to get more money on re sale. Drove round with no tax until now............I observed the couldnt give a flying fart mentality when out. Threw the red bookforwriting where im going in the back as well, never once filled it in, load of old tripe....seriously what a waste of time
  3. dont worry neeranam I too feel im often ignored, they all talk over me, gets me foookin mad sometimes so i start to shout loudly..usually at the Wife...............I start softly then build up to "eruption " mode, usually as what they are about to do I can foresee a total ferkup in the making
  4. hmmmmmmmm was always taught to leave enough room for the "unexpected" but in Thailand leaving enough room = "im barging in"
  5. sure to be a shocking price.....or should that be non shocking?
  6. nah its 33% you might lose the ticket .....correction 25% or have a Policeman borrow it
  7. FRiend used them and they were good, he just vanished into...........Finnair!!
  8. I used Sri Lankan once, they were actually quite good and Sri Lanka airport was nice and small/cozy,Used Turkish Air crap service and Emirates a few years back, all business class Turkish cheapest 1400 pounds to UK return Emirates most expensive 2500 pounds SriLankan 1780 pounds, given the choice Sri Lankan was the most enjoyable, Emirates is over priced and service is no longer good enough for that price
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