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  1. the time is a bit tricky, but what you have is three parts... part 1: the time from which you actually arrive at the ASQ to the next midnight (23:59). that’s commonly called “day zero” part 2: 14 *consecutive* 24 hour periods starting from 00:01 (after day zero) until 23:59 at the end of the 14th period... these days are the “14” that most people talk about part 3: the time from 00:01 (after the end of the 14th 24hr period) to whatever time the ASQ will permit you to physically leave. commonly you can’t leave at literally 00:01, but it’s usually somewhere
  2. I get it that being in “quarantine” regardless of its Alternative (ASQ), State (SQ) or other forms, is never going to be “fun” per se, but to me, to frame it as akin to prison, jail or the like, is just excessive and to me gives the article a loss of credibility. Sure, you’re alone - and that’s the whole purpose - and your contact with the outside world is very very limited... also, that’s the purpose... but it is (only) for 14 days.. 14 days is what it is.. it’s not a weekend, but it’s not a month either.. it’s 14 days.. no more, no less... i recall my father being in a fairly se
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