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  1. To me the salad bar for sizzler is a great deal... from sizzlers point of view. First, with the exception of the soups and pasta, there is nothing “hot” which tends to have shorter “hold” times when on the line as well as prep times in the back. Pretty much the soups and pasta are the only daily use items (and I suspect are incredibly low cost as the soup I’ll bet comes from a dry powder base and the pasta is in bulk) and some of the fruits may be two-day to three-day use items at worst.. most everything else I suspect has much longer windows of usefulness. Sizzler can effectively hold a few days worth of fresh salads bar supplies and a good percentage can be non-fresh (tinned) which would also help control costs. Sure, I think with eve buffet, there will be a percentage of guests who eating/ordering habits create a negative return on their ticket... but given the sheer number of tickets that they’ll see per day and the number of covers that a venue of that size sees daily, I suspect the salad bar is still a positive return item. I did a summer internship at a Vegas casino in their F&B department and I was blown away how profitable their buffets were — even with people I saw coming in and eating simply massive amounts of food and the higher-cost items at that. Simply, given how low the average plate cost was and the sheer volume they did daily, they made big bucks off it. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. What I’m interested to see is what will the impacted schools do with any current (or former for that matter) students who benefited from the alleged criminal actions. I’m also intrigued as to what will be the eventual outcome of the students (who initially applied to, but ultimately weren’t admitted to one of the impacted schools) suit that effectively claims they were denied admission due to an unfair/rigged or process. Sounds like the schools themselves didn’t gain financially -so unjust enrichment sounds off the table, but I could see the possible use of Title IX as a potential means to ends. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. I think what many people don’t fully realize is that duty-free sales at the airport really is only non-taxable.. this does not say that the BASE price (call me the MSRP) isn’t possibly higher than at traditional, non-airport retail channel may offer pricing. I think this is also the reason that a fair percentage of items sold at duty free are things like tobacco, alcohol and cosmetics - all classes of products that tend to also carry high/higher levels of taxation. From a sales perspective, it doesn’t make sense to devote retail floor space in an airport duty free type venue, to products that either don’t carry higher tax rates (thus the ability to highlight a large savings percentage) or whose base price is low (this requiring much higher volume sales) and/or don’t sell in sufficient quantities that then generate revenues sufficient to offset the cost per square/meter. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Thanks, I am beginning to think the red stamp isn’t a “you did it wrong” type of warning (which is how I have personally interpreted it) but more of a general reminder. The other part I can’t determine is what if 15 days just so happens to be a Saturday/Sunday/holiday. My guess is that you’d advance up (more than 15) and not push back (to less than 15) but haven’t gotten really clear guidance on the matter Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. I have a question that I can’t seem to get answered or by someone at CW with reference to the date or time that I can submit a MAIL in 90 day report. In the past, when I’ve done it, the new report slip (computer generated now and not the tear-off section of the TM7) was red stamped “Next time please send 15 days before the due date”. But I have always sent it well before— usually received (via EMS) around 18+/- days before. However... On this last report, I sent in my paperwork and it arrived at CW 18 days before but was sent back, the very next day, and I got a call from someone at Immigration that said I was too early. She said “15 days”... I know that if it’s received LESS than 15 days they can (and I hear usually will) return it to you and now you’re essentially stuck doing an in-person report. So... is it that I have to time it so that it’s received by CW *exactly* at the 15 day mark? Not 16 or 17 and not 14 or 13? I called (and a Thai speaking friend asked) and was told the same “15 days”... but couldn’t/didn’t get clarity as to does 15 days mean ‘no less than..’ or ‘no more than’ or ‘exactly’ Also, IF it is in fact exactly 15 days, if that 15 day mark happens to fall on a non-working day (Saturday, Sunday or holiday) how is that accounted for. I get it that CW doesn’t want reports coming in 30+ days early... not do they want reports coming in on the expiry date either... so the “15 days” makes operational sense. But I just can’t get a clear answer as to is it 15 days exactly, or what. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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