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  1. I think there one of the issues will be how much does Thai have in “hold back” funds.. normally with airlines they get 100% of the ticket value right away.. but... if a bank starts to see risk, they may put a holdback into place which means Thai wouldn’t get 100% up front anymore — but a lesser amount, with the balance paid to them after travel occurs.. so if Thai had been a subject to a hold back, there could be funds there to partially fill this void - bankruptcy court ruling provided.
  2. Reading around it starts from the mid 30’s and can run up to 60k but that does include all 3 meals.. so while it’s not cheap per se, if you look at some of these hotels (which are bookable on normal travel websites) their normal rate (which usually excludes all meals or at minimum includes only breakfast) when compared to the rate here (expressed on a per day basis) isn’t hugely overinflated..
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