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  1. If you want to stay at the same high school (which i am assuming falls under Krusapah licensing jurisdiction) then you MUST get a proper license - there’s no legal workaround... that said, there have been threads about trying to “modify” your job title to something that might not require a licenses - but that, to me, isn’t a viable idea nor one that i would personally place a lot of faith in. as noted, the idea behind the temporary 2yr waivers is to give you the time to get all your requirements completed so that you’re eligible for and receive a “permanent” license. So
  2. Before I’d go after a hike in the VAT rate (or ending of the semi-permanent rollback) Id look to.... 1) Increase tax payer compliance - such as getting more people who work and earn income in the “informal” economy, onto both the income tax rolls ... (true, a lot of the workers in the informal sector won’t make enough to even be subject to taxation after all the statutory deductions are taken out, but I still think they need to be brought into the system none the less). 2) Make the necessary changes so the same VAT is collected and remitted by all the various “onli
  3. I’m another vote for Wise... (and i haven’t used Schwann so i can’t comment) but each time i’ve used Wise, I got the money in my BBL account either that same day (when i initiate the transfer early on a banking day both here in TH as well as in the US) or the next day by mid-day TH time. As far as fees go (and i look at the total fees which includes the fixed fees, variable fees plus the forex rate used) I have found Wise to be very very competitively priced.
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