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  1. Yes, we got married in the US. Not sure what the MFI is or the KP22? I think we've got the process correct. We got an affidavit from the US embassy to certify our marriage certificate and now we're translating both of those two docs to later have them certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Next we just need to go to the local amphur and give them all docs to get the kror ror 22. But, the question is if I need to certify my passport or not at my embassy? Some posts on this forum says you do and some says you don't.
  2. Hi When registering a foreign marriage to get the kror ror 22, do they typically ask for a certified passport? We called and asked about this and the branch manager said no. However, upon reading on this forum a lot of people say you do need a certified passport from your embassy.
  3. Hey I'm going to apply for the 1 year extension based on marriage and got a few questions about that: I've had 400K+ THB in a Thai bank account for more than 2 months. What documentation should I bring to prove this? I've read something about a bank letter but what would the letter say? I doubt the bank (Kasikorn) will know what I want. Should I also include a copy of my bank book with the bank account number as well? As proof of residence I'll include a copy of my condo rental agreement, should I also include the TM30? Our host filed our TM30 online but
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