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  1. Hey I'm moving back to Bangkok and I'm looking into what area to live in. I'm considering On Nut and I'm wondering if it's a nice area to live in? I used to live in Asoke but now I'm looking for an area which is mostly Thai, cheaper and more quite. Yet, still in a great location on the Sukhumvit BTS line and with nice modern condos.
  2. So you only needed your passport to open the account? When was this?
  3. Any specific reason you want to use Citibank for trading rather than an online broker like Interactive Brokers? Typically online brokers have less fees than banks for stock trading.
  4. Hi If you have the money to buy a condo somewhere rather central in Bangkok for about 10M THB, would now be a good time to buy it from a financial perspective? Also considering that you'd live in it full time, would own it for 5-10+ years and you can afford the mortgage/downpayment (Thai wife's name on the loan).
  5. Hi What are the current requirements to open a bank account with Kasikornbank? I'm a foreigner staying in Bangkok. I'm not working in Thailand so I do not have a Thai work permit. I'm here a non-imm O visa and need to open a Thai bank account and transfer 400K THB to it and I would prefer Kasikornbank.
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