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  1. Any specific reason you want to use Citibank for trading rather than an online broker like Interactive Brokers? Typically online brokers have less fees than banks for stock trading.
  2. Hi 1. Does anyone know what the current interest rates are for home loans to buy condos in Bangkok? On some Thai banks websites they say about 5% but I know some people who got about 3% as well. 2. How much down payment (% of total purchase price) is typically required? I understand that the exact terms will vary per applicant but I'm interested in knowing the general/standard terms. Not getting a loan as a foreigner is not relevant here. Thanks.
  3. Hi If you have the money to buy a condo somewhere rather central in Bangkok for about 10M THB, would now be a good time to buy it from a financial perspective? Also considering that you'd live in it full time, would own it for 5-10+ years and you can afford the mortgage/downpayment (Thai wife's name on the loan).
  4. Hi What are the current requirements to open a bank account with Kasikornbank? I'm a foreigner staying in Bangkok. I'm not working in Thailand so I do not have a Thai work permit. I'm here a non-imm O visa and need to open a Thai bank account and transfer 400K THB to it and I would prefer Kasikornbank.
  5. Hi There are lot of posts on this forum and online articles by reputable tax counsels in Thailand such as PwC saying that there's a rather easy way for Thai (tax) residents to pay no tax on your foreign earned income. For example, if you have capital gains and/or if you receive a salary/wage from abroad, you can keep that money in a foreign bank account and then transfer it to your Thai bank account the following calendar year--this would result in that you won't have to pay any taxes on it in Thailand. From what I understand, this also applies to capital gains from for example US
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