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  1. Hi,

    I would like to buy a Toyota Crown, I just like this car.

    I am talking about a 10-12 year old one and would like to know about your own experience: Fuel consumtion, reliability,etc.

    What should I consider when buying such a car?



    if it has the 7mg engine in it you need to change the head gasket.

    labor is cheap there right?

    there was a problem with the head torque on these engines

    from the factory. it led to premature head gasket failure.

    ive got a usa version of the mark2. they call it the cressida here.

    same car just different badges. nice quiet ride but fuel consumption

    is high for a car with a 6 cylinder but it rides like a lexus.

  2. I bought a TV capture card and extension lead for my desktop computer..

    The card is put into the computer and the cd installed.

    I just plug the extension lead into the red, yellow and white sockets on the output on the TV 

    It will now record anything that appears on the TV screen.

    Its ideal for copying encrypted films (not that I would you understand).

    I cost me £25 in the UK and £5 for the lead.

    Its called  WIN ON TV CAPTURE CARD.

    i think you would have to first record the tv movie then replay it back into

    the wintv capture card. maybe there is such a device out there that

    is a dedicated machine that converts and burns realtime.

    i've converted some old vids i had on camcorder to dvd format. its very

    time consuming and it takes a BIG hard drive with plenty of free space. the wintv software would only convert in 2 gig segments so i had to keep putting the vcr on pause and restarting wintv capture. perhaps there is better capture software out there there has to be!

    the trick then was to lace all those 2 gig files into 1 dvd. i believe i did that

    with nero. its been over a month since i did it and memory is getting foggy

  3. Big cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka have public toilets with hygienic conditions in places around the city

    lol now thats funny.... :o obviously the writer of this article has not been into

    a public restroom in japan

    ive not been to hau hin yet but have been to kata. i tried walking around the city

    streets of cm and found it impossible to even cross the street because the

    traffic was so heavy.

    after a few smog filled days I flew directly from cm to phuket and headed to kata. what a difference kata made. especially kata noi, aka little kata. So i know exactly

    where you're coming from.

    I guess if they keep paving over paradise your only option is to keep on moving

    where the pavement ends

  4. Sorry, I've never been one to try out things I don't know what they are but assume it's nothing I'd want.

    well you're halfway around the world... thats a start

    First thing i did after getting off the plane was have a nice

    traditional massage. those airplane seats really grind away at the


    i haven't followed this young mans threads and the reason(s) that made

    him decide to jump on a plane and fly halfway around the world.

    he sounds like me when i was in my early 20's. he'll probably be talking

    about this trip for many years to come. i wish i was him now experiencing

    all the sights and sounds for the first time. [email protected] thats fun! :o

    "Life is not meant to be a decorous journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body. Rather, skid in broadside, champagne in one Hand, strawberries in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and yelling:-

    WOO HOO - What a ride!"

  5. i am interested in hearing tips as well. i have lost about 25 pounds since i came to thailand last year- even a couple of beers on a regular basis does not help. i am normally round and plump in the right places but now i feel like a stick. rice doesn't do it for me. aren't there special shakes or something you can buy to fatten up?

    yes there are those expensive malt shakes you buy at health

    food stores in the west but good luck finding anything in thailand.

    bulk up on the carbs,calories noodles, bread, potatoes

    I know those packaged cup of noodles sure put the weight

    on me.

  6. I then switch the line to the true supplied ethernet modem and it connects with the same username with out a problem -

    im assuming its ppoe

    have you tried these steps?

    reset your smc to default settings using a small pin

    open your browser and enter to your smc router

    Note: Do not run Wizard.

    Click on the WAN tab on left-hand side of the screen. Select PPPoE.

    Select Dynamic PPPoE (unless your ISP supplied you with a static IP address).

    In the username field enter [email protected] and your password, where username is your own username.

    Maximum Idle Time should be set to zero. Set MTU to 1492, unless specified by your ISP, and set Autoreconnect to Enabled.

    Note: If you experience problems accessing certain secure websites and/or email issues, set the MTU to a lower number such as 1472, 1452, etc.

    btw: im using a smc but am connecting with ppoA. this barricade i have does not

    have ppoa just ppoe.

    why not leave it with the isp's modem and hook the router into the modem?

    have you visited dslreports.com?

    also... does your isp only recognize one mac address? your modem and router

    have 2 distinct mac addresses. its possible to spoof macs on some devices but ive not done/tried it with the barricade

  7. we have a few brands of sweet bread over in the states so its not just asia

    that likes it. usually its sweetened with honey

    whats far more disturbing is...

    i went into a 7-11 in bkk and bought what i thought was a pastry. took a few bites into

    it and noticed something greasy. it appeared to be some mystery meat. pork or ?

    It really caught me by surprise because it wasn't refrigerated. :o

    the sweet bread tasted ok but i had to spit it out. it was real greasy

  8. Have you sought treatment for the depression? Highly recommend you do so.

    There IS no such thing as a geograhic cure... your brain chemistry is the same no matter where you go.

    I am not recommending this for everybody but I was clinically depressed for many years living in the USA.

    When I moved to Thailand it went away immediately and hasn't returned for more that 5 minutes in about 17 years!

    Really! :o

    where did you live cleveland ohio? perhaps it was sadd disorder with no sun in

    the winter months?

    man there are some place in the northeast that would send me over the deep end if

    i had to live there!

    i was going to suggest the big island of hawaii. its warm and alot like thailand

    except for expenses but he would have no problem with work permits or visa's

    lots can still be had there for 50k. build an old coffee shack and work in

    one of the resorts on the kona coast

  9. I've been buying a liquid vitamin supplement for a couple months. It was about 800 baht for a months supply. I pour it into my orange juice because alone its kind of

    medicine tasting. some of the daily percentages are well over the 100% especially

    the B vitamins. I feel much better and have more energy. My thinking is clearer too.

    I can smell vitamins coming out of my skin pores!

    More power to you for finding another approach to treating your illness.

    Doctors pushing pills to mask symptoms! :o

    When oh when will genetic science be able to correct the CAUSE !

  10. I agree with what you say backachan, especially about them being simpler and the a/c is the first thing to go.

    Is the a/c easy to fix yourself?

    I find that my engine overheats if I keep the air on for longer than 30 min. Still, I don't mind winding the window down.

    There are lots of other models I can pinch(legally) from for spare parts for my  olod mazda.

    i bought a used pair of a/c gauges on ebay and took an old refrigerator motor

    and soldered a/c fittings onto the suction side. its a really cheap way to make a vacuum pump. you need to vacuum out the air/moisture from the system after you put it back together.

    you also need to flush the system with lacquer thinner and blow with compressed

    air and then replace the dryer with a new one as it also serves as a filter.

    charging it up you need to watch pressures. i put a digital thermometer in the

    vent and keep charging till i get the coldest reading and the pressures look good.

    if you're mechanicall inclined all of the above is easy to do. It just takes time

    and attention to detail.

    your overheating could be the radiator is clogged inside with crud or the fins are clogged with road crud or something is missing like a

    fan shroud or the fan clutch is bad or fan belt is slipping. you might add a

    small electric fan to the front of the radiator. plenty of used ones around.

    doesnt matter what model car just as long as it fits into the space. high humidity

    really adds to the load a/c has to carry.

  11. ive used permanganate in water filters but never heard of using it for vegetables.

    ide make sure they're rinsed very good. it is a poison and if you've ever gotten

    it on your hands it doesn't come off for weeks. if the lettuce is turning purple

    is the plant absorbing the permanganate and therefore your ingesting it?

    this subject came up between me and a friend a few weeks ago. they sell

    the pre-packaged salad's here in the states and there had been some e-coli

    poisioning from the lettuce. I found out that the plant actually takes up the

    pathogen inside the plant! there is no way to wash it off so be careful if you

    can about where the lettuce is from.

    this article is where i found this info.


    edit: i found this on the msds sheet for permanganate. It can burn the gastro intestinal system so be careful with your concentration.


    Ingestion of solid or high concentrations causes severe distress of gastro-intestinal system with possible burns and edema; slow pulse; shock with fall of blood pressure. May be fatal. Ingestion of concentrations up to 1% causes burning of the throat, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain; 2-3% causes anemia and swelling of the throat with possible suffocation; 4-5% may cause kidney damage.

  12. i'm with you on older cars. I think its a waste of money buying new. All my

    neighbors have new and it seems like a contest. One gets the latest

    and the others have to follow suit. What a messed up frame of mind!

    As for the repair shops in the dealerships, I give two thumbs down. Why?

    because their overhead is usually high and seem to only hire young inexperienced

    mechanics at a low wage.

    ive always owned older 20+ year old nissan's. In the 80's many parts were interchangeable between models which made it much easier to find used parts.

    Nissan diesels go forever. i'de love to convert my 78 datsun z/fairlady over to

    a diesel

    The main reason i like older cars is they are simpler which means there is less to go wrong.

    i know someone who bought a 2005 camry and he said there are

    something like 20 onboard computers in the thing. i bought his 90 toyota

    cressida/mark2 from him cheap as it blew the head gasket. Even that

    car has a computer for the power steering and its 15 yrs old.

    a/c is one of the first things to go out in an older car. heck even newer cars

    it goes out if the system is engineered badly. i couldn't find a competent a/c

    mechanic so i learned how to fix them myself. It's not rocket science but

    you cannot take any shortcuts. The system has to be surgically clean and

    you have to have the right equipment for it to last a long time.

    in thailand i have heard its hard to find a good mechanic and good quality

    replacement parts. have you read about the nightmare that aviator over

    in the phuket forum has had with his car?


  13. I'm not sure, but I believe you can get bonds in the united states paying 6%. these are the ones where you invest a minimum of over a million dollars.

    I know that many other countries like iceland have bonds paying 10%.

    standard cds in the states are paying around 4.33% now. 

    so, all thailand really needs to do to get that 6% is to invest in the usa.  ..just like china and many other countries are doing.

    CDs in the states are backed fully by the government of the united states.  right?  how much safer can you get?

    ...makes sense for thailand to let their citizens share in the profits instead of letting the banks hog all the interest.

    which is what they were doing if you think about it.

    happy citizens make for a more stable country.

    To the best of my knowledge there are no US federal gov't bonds paying that much. The 10 year treasury bond is paying about 4.5% if bought today.....that's why 6% seems so high. Can you find a link for Icelandic bonds for 10%...I'd like to find out about them....as this seems to be too good to be true also....of course there are private bonds that can pay high returns but these are usually from companies whose profiles are sort of risky.

    Just on the news the other day. us govt I bonds will be adjusted upwards to yield


  14. In the movie Indochine where the french officer and the viet girl
    played by Linh Dan Pham are out in the boat in Ha Long Bay and she is dying from no water and he spits his saliva into her mouth in desperation to save her.
    I found that strangely erotic. And another scene where he thinks she is shot
    in the street. He takes her dress off and reveals those lovely breasts. He wipes the
    blood (from another person) off her breasts and discovers she is not shot.
    Very erotic... (This scene to me is the most erotic scene in a mainstream movie)

    Later in the movie she goes braless and her nipples stand out very nicely in that
    thin black cotton top.

    Jane march in the lover. The unrated version is the best. She's part chinese
    The hottest stuff i've seen without the xxx rating. She strutted around in the sweltering saigon sun with a flimsy cotton dress and no bra and those pouty lips. Drove me mad!


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