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  1. It is absolutely ridiculous to have a photo event every time they nab some foreinger with minor offences like overstaying or working without work permit. Where are the photoes with nabbed murderers and thieves and reckless drivers? Where will the photo be when they will nab the red bull killer? Foreigner discrimination at its finest - the world should know - have a good lough and then turn away from such a country.
  2. Try noise cancelling headphones. I've got Sennheiser bluetooth NC. Heavenly silence. Another trick might be white (or pink) noise from a speaker, combined with sounds (rain eg), if you like it
  3. Another proof that this country has no clue about human dignity. Dignity here seems to exist only for politicians and generals.
  4. ... probably ... Says it all Those teaching that you mentioned are valuable. Probably they came from the authors who invented the "son of God"
  5. I think it will work very well. The air within 3 meters around it will be fine - of course only if they clean the filter every day
  6. come on. The Jesus - son of God whom the churches talk about did NOT exist. MAY BE one or more normal man did exist - whose lifetime was used to build the story around that is now the teaching of the christians.
  7. Not sure. But there is no proof - he was the son of God - he was born in Bethlehem - his mother was a virgin - the Sonf of God has been crucified - he rose from the dead may be the authors of the bible used some real person for their invented Jesus and the invented stories about him
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