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  1. Thailand could easily counter this by telling that those people had not the correct visa and were trying to cheat and make clear what a tourist visa is for and wha not.
  2. You'r right. But: The other visas like retirement visas, marriage visas are made more and more difficult. First the money in the bank that you cannot touch for months. Then the new plans of compusory health insurance. The hassle with TM 30 ... And more hassle to be expected
  3. While the monotheist religions say so others do not. They assume a law instead, the law of Karma for instance. I think that idea of a judging god ridiculous. Would only show his/her incomptence to create perfect humans. What about another Hypothesis: There is no god apart from us. Everything and everybody is god because if god is the ultimate then this God was the only presence in the beginning (if there was one). There was only God no space no matter. So God would be only consciousness which creates out of itself - and human consciousness is God's consciousness having purposefully forgotten its origin and playing God's game for some time. It is a mistake to think of god as a being outside ourselves or outside the universe.
  4. story shocked me at first. But then I found out it looked like he tried to enter on an inappropriate visa. He should have known better. He is not answering the due questions and not posting after his first post. And then the British embassy in London ... Either this or he is just trolling. But I would still happily accept a plausible explanation
  5. Same procedure as every year. - yawn They have lost all credibility over the years
  6. just another unneccessary headline about foreigners. They make it look like the major problem of the country are the foreigners. Like foreigners are the most dangerous species in Thailand. As if they wouldnt have overwhelming problems with their own population (high prisoner percentage e.g.) This is to say the least very politically in correct. Even more of a witch hunt. I wonder how many illegal foreigners are arrested in first and second world countries. Why is it we don't see those headlines and fotos of triumphant immigration police with their prey there (Like hunters with their hunting)? They are probably aware of more important problems to tackle.
  7. hospital bills 6000 Bt per non i visa ... if so when you appy for a visa you have to pay a fee, afaik it is about 6000 Bt for a one year non o. Why not use this money to pay thbe hosopital bills. And if they need this fee for another purpose (which?) let them add 6000B per one year no im o and use it as health insurance - and forget ciompulsory additional insurance
  8. And that is as valid a diagnosis as heart failure. Saying nothing about the cause (even if we can guess what might cause stopping to breathe in Chiangmai)
  9. So it is not the biometric system but again the officers who do not understand how to use it appropriately. The best system is useless when it is used by ignorants
  10. yeah, heart failure. And what's the cause of it? most of the time the diagnosis heart failure is used when the real cause of death is unknown
  11. I guess the cops did not care to check if there was really battery trouble. May be he just wanted to have a nab and turned of engine and light. After that accident he had to invent an excuse, as "brake failure" was not possible in this case - so it had to be the battery. I am not saying there was no real battery failure, but after having heard so many excuses and hardly anybody to admit his mistake the suspicion is justified and police should check.
  12. battery trouble? Really - or another kind of "brake failure" ?
  13. 273/5000 Experience has shown that the truthfulness of North Koreans is doubtful, to say the least. I think they want to gain time, and are not interested in getting a better deal for cancelling their nuclear program even the slightest bit - but to have enough time to fully develop it up to a point where they have all the trumps in hand a dictatorship should never be a nuclear power
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