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  1. 19 minutes ago, Just1Voice said:

    And it takes 15 cops to be in the photo for this b.s.????

    It is absolutely ridiculous to have a photo event every time they nab some foreinger with minor offences like overstaying or working without work permit. 

    Where are the photoes with nabbed murderers and thieves and reckless drivers? 

    Where will the photo be when they will nab the red bull killer?


    Foreigner discrimination at its finest - the world should know - have a good lough and then turn away from such a country.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tagged said:
    1 hour ago, Tagged said:

    There is no doubt there have been a Jesus, or more during the time,


    Not sure.

    But there is no proof


    - he was the son of God

    - he was born in Bethlehem

    - his mother was a virgin

    - the Sonf of God has been crucified

    - he rose from the dead


    may be the authors of the bible used some real person for their  invented Jesus and the invented  stories about him

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  3. 2 hours ago, The Cobra said:

    If a visa was issued by the correct office/officer, and was later deemed to be invalid for any reason, thats a procedural issue for the immigration dept. In that the officer incorrectly issued it, it doesnt not make it illegal, it is not the recipients job to question or verify the officers decision to issue it. Thats HIS job to refuse or accept any visa application and its at his discretion.

    I don't believe this. If this officer goes down for taking bribes or for whatever reason they might very well render illegal all the document that he stamped.

    And when it is your visa - you are out. I will stay away from this kind of visa.

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