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  1. resolve the matter? take the scum to remand prison and let them wait a few months until they will be sent to prison for years. Police should be forced to act this way only - not try to make it go away It is their duty to enforce safety for the public.
  2. They don't need those lectures. They are very skillfull already
  3. hopefully in the state then you will be able to enjoy them Most people when they talk about dying think they will be in their healthy, happy and good mental state they are now, except having a fatal disease. Most of the time this is not the case. When I was younger I always thought that I knew what to do in case I am told I have cancer or going to die. The more patients I have seen in that state and the older I am the less I am sure how I would react myself
  4. It is not one sided, you know. The patient has the right to know, but he also has the right not to know. Their decision. The doctor's duty is to respect the patient - and not force unwanted information on them. Not telling the truth does not mean lying - you just don't mention what they don't want to hear - always ready to give them all the information you have. And never forget - it is very difficult to tell how long - I have seen many survive much longer than expected and sometimes the opposite as well.
  5. I have been working with a lot of dying humans - they all knew. It is not simply telling the truth or lying - there is a third way: withholding the truth until it is requested, and there is a difference between offering a fatal truth - or force it on someone Patients sometimes are not ready to hear the truth. And you don't know. Then it could be a good idea to start slowly, giving them a piece of truth that would make them ask for more or just the full truth. If they don't ask I'd leave it this way. May be next time they will be ready. I don't think it is a good idea to force the truth on someone who does not want to know. But always be ready to tell the truth when it is wanted. If you want to find out you could start with a question "what do you think how your ailment will go on?"
  6. Wouldn't it be easy to have compulsory CCTV in every van with Internet connection and recording at a central police station or a TAT center - or tourist police? (Oh, yes, if they only would)
  7. Before trying to change the policy the character of the politicians (or should I say moral standard?)needs to be changed.
  8. this could be a beginning for strict law enforcement of reasonable law. Get police in every village and fine them for every fire in thair area.
  9. That's the kind of news I prefer to see. It makes me feel good. Please more of those.
  10. At last. But why so late? The red notice was withdrawn 3 days after his arrest. That would be the day he should have been freed immidiately. I am not saying the arrest was justified at all. And not talking about his treatment, presenting him in shackles and the barbaric conditions in Thai prisons (remember the two possibly wrongly accused Burmes guys from Koh Tao?)
  11. Another new policy, another law worth only the paper it's written on - until they get their officers to strictly enforce it
  12. I can understand your reaction after this experience. My experience is different. Yes the requirements are ridiculous - but the immigration officers whom I have to confront are very kind - even if strictly follolwing the rules.
  13. yes they are so innocent and so humane and why do they hold him in shackels? why did they not let him free with a big excuse and a compensation after the red notice was withdrawn? nice try to whitewash them and ... in the bigger picture they have no humanity, no respect for other humans and no heart and brain to change their attitude
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