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  1. Unbelievable - using the name of that honorable ex man probably because the name is everywhere known for true honesty
  2. sweatalot

    Police hunting for driver in hit and run – Patong

    ... except you are farang
  3. I feel sorry for her - nearly one year in a Thai prison for a minimal offense, hurting nobody than delivered to her enemies who do not mean well. Just for a stupid mistake ...
  4. don't be so negative. I bet on social media to will bring all that hypocrisy down
  5. rubbish. It is not about McDonalds it is about people who eat to much and too one-sided.
  6. Security guard? Wha not change her name, may be her appearance and let hjer live in an undisclosed location?
  7. he starts this just before the elections ... of course nothing to do with politics ... not intended