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  1. No - if it is meant to help the OP to go the hospital. He said he was waitnig for a ride.
  2. I think that if doctors are posting here they know very well what they can recommend and what not - and this would be neither unprofessional nor dangerous. Recommendations from nonprofessionals might be different.
  3. This threat is going too far in non professionals discussing pain management when there is no diagnosis. So, as I recommended a few posts ago take one of those pain killers or a combination mentioned there. If the pain doesn't go away or comes back - see a doctor.
  4. not available in Thailand and anyway not for laymen
  5. doesn't sound like kidney stones. Ibuprofen max dose per day 2400 mg, start with 600 mg TD Diclofenac max 150 mg, Arcoxia 90 and 120 mg (not longer than 1 week) are the strongest otc pain killers in LOS. you can combine with paracetamol max 4000 mg per day, for diclo and ibu I recommend combine with omeprazole 20-40 mg to prevent stomach trouble - and hurry to see a doctor, you can also try tramadol but it has a lot of unpleasant side effects Don't take any over long time without consulting a doctor (which seems to be your plan anyway)
  6. bring back people power? I don't know what was before thaksin. But his governments until 2014 were not people power. They were taksin power and mob power.
  7. he had to let the army go in because those criminals - working on behalf of another criminal threatened to torch Thailand. It would have been the task of the police - but they did nothing - favouring the criminal abroad. His only mistake was not sending the army earlier.
  8. how will money come to their pockets if they deny entry to foreigners?
  9. I doubt the massage could break that bone. I suppose there must have been a preexisting condition, like cancer or a bone cyst. Bad luck for both of them. What does the X-ray show?
  10. "...Police discuss harsher driving offence penalties..." What about harsh inactivity penalties for police?
  11. I wonder are they doing the right thing? Or are they just playing another act in the drama "we pretend to do justice"
  12. I think the old lady wouldn't care if her killers were pitbulls or another breed
  13. not sure if the breed should be banned - but keeping 6 of them together is utterly irresponsible. It should be made sure that the owner is qualified (I mean really qualified, not the Thai way qualificatioin). And not more than one dog.
  14. I wouldnt be surprised if he won't even give them the promised reward for their story and undeserved jailtime
  15. you are very fast with your judgement. What do you know that is not reported?
  16. Don't call them dogs? Dogs have more honor and fairness then these scumbags
  17. "This kind of investigation needs considerable amount of time to reach concrete conclusions". but "Boeing plans to release upgraded software for the 737 MAX in a week to 10 days" probably they want the plane in the air again asap before anybody can be sure that the problem is foun d
  18. May be it has written before. extra lanes won't work in Thailand new rules won't work But everything would be fine if the police would do their job and enforce the existing laws
  19. I am not sure if BJ would be the right address. But I wonder what can you do if you think an Immigration officer does not treat you correctly - e.g. asking for more documents than in the official list, wanting to see more money than officially requested ... What can you do? Write a complaint to whom? need a lawyer?
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