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  1. Seems there are some people with vested interests that just don't want to earn less money - disregarding how many innocent people will die or will suffer from spoiled health. unscrupulous and disgusting
  2. I think the summary of this thread is: While unfortunately you are not save from trouble by law enforcement in Thailand even if you strictly abide by the law - the risk is much higher when you don't - for instance by using loopholes and use the service of "loophole people".
  3. Not everyone will go to jail or deported. But there is a real risk, because they make themselves open to attack by the law
  4. I don't believe this. If this officer goes down for taking bribes or for whatever reason they might very well render illegal all the document that he stamped. And when it is your visa - you are out. I will stay away from this kind of visa.
  5. what amount on a daily basis do you talk of. Any numbers? I guess it is a very small amount and probably not on a daily basis
  6. Thailand could easily counter this by telling that those people had not the correct visa and were trying to cheat and make clear what a tourist visa is for and wha not.
  7. You'r right. But: The other visas like retirement visas, marriage visas are made more and more difficult. First the money in the bank that you cannot touch for months. Then the new plans of compusory health insurance. The hassle with TM 30 ... And more hassle to be expected
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