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  1. 3 hours ago, song0674 said:

    Typical Thai resturant with poor service and lack of attention to customers. Notice that they are no staff taking of customers when they the Chinese tourists. 


    If more Thai restuarants staff took care of their customers and waiters stood around to anyone needs anything (instead of playing their phone, chatting to other staff, staring out in complete opposite direction where everyone is sitting) - then maybe something like would be completely avoid.


    Not saying that this was the logic of the Chinese tourists, but if i wanted to pay my food bill and there no restaurant staff in sight and had to wait for someone to come back - i would could consider packing up and leaving too

    they see Chinese and think Coronavirus and go into hiding.

    I saw in a Global House store how the staff standing together  in a group suddenly tried to disappear when they saw a Chinese coming

  2. 9 hours ago, webfact said:

    He's my only son. .... "I allowed him to do anything he wanted to. I never set expectations for him. I only wanted him to be a good person."

    I am so sorry for you and your family - but I have to tell you (and many other Thai parents) this kind of bringing a child up would not have made him a good person - in the contrary

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