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  1. 21 minutes ago, mauGR1 said:

    I see it as a metaphor of the advent of the agricultural society, which has developed from hunter-gatherers to what we call 'civilised society'

    The metaphor is still valid nowadays, Abel is a lazy dreamer, Kain is the restless materialist.. There is a part of Kain and a part of Abel in everyone, and so on.

    Agree,  reading the story as a metaphor makes sense. Reading as history does not

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  2. going back to times immemorial does not make the tellings history. There is no proof that a man called Abraham lived. And may be they were changed intentionally for some purpose.

    Somebody said "history is the history of the winners". May be there were people who won by declaring the bible history? How does it help our soul to know that Kain murdered Abel?

  3. 14 minutes ago, cranki said:

    So...exactly who did write this so called "BIBLE" that so many hypocrites talk and preach about (not saying you are)

    IMHO I think it's crap....



    PS: No idea what reference your John Do is about.

    May be the authors were known ... but the library of Alexandria burnt down (suiting well the politicians and church managers at that time) making it impossible to find out now.


    At least it was not God who wrote it sitting in the sky at his divine desk, Jesus sitting on his right side and the holy ghost to his left while busy forgiving our sins .... (sin another thing to keep the people in fear and easier to suppress)


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  4. 10 hours ago, webfact said:

    Fine particulate matter known as PM2.5 hit 158 micrograms per cubic meter of air at the Nezahualcoyotl measuring station

    they are three or four times healthier than Chiang Mai which hit about 600 mcg/qm


    They could be a refuge for people from Chiang Mai suffering from the pollution in their city

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  5. 5 hours ago, YetAnother said:

    large problems in both, the focus only due to social media

    A hymn to social media - may they destroy the blatant unequality

    and make the life hell  of those hiso and high position clowns 

  6. Let's start with my definition of religion
    religion is a group of persons or a body of beliefs that is making their followers believe or pretend to believe on a couple of axioms. First axiom is that there is a God, his name is so-and-so and he wants you to do this and that otherwise you will be punished .  These axioms are given by  people with a high position in that religious body or people who are declared holy. Or they have been that way all the time and  still have to be followed.


    And then there are individuals who don't believe that religious stuff because they cannot experience it.

    They tried to find or they found their truth by experience and thus they know.
    They don't need anybody or any law to tell them what God is and what they have to do all to believe. They don't need a mediator.

    They know who they are and so they know God. They are far from believing that there is some higher being or God outside of them.

    They know there's no higher being outside of them that wants its rules to be followed and will punish if they don't.

    This way they are close to a life that is happy and peaceful without illusions. 

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  7. About God and spirituality it all boils down to experience.


    This stuff is not something that can be proven objectivley.

    But what you experience that's what you experience.

    And this is your  proof. You do not need to prove it to anybody.


    And that is truth. Your truth. (where is the law that says there is only one truth?)

    And I mean experience. Not believing what others (or religions) tell you to believe.


    You don't care what believers of any religion or of the "science religion" tell you. It does not touch you when they ridicule you. Because you know. And they don't. They are just one of those religions. The name of their god is: "there is no god except it can be proven objectively" They don't have headache - unless it is scientifically proven.


    It is not about objectivity. It is about experience. Like our lives. You have no idea about God unless you find out who You are

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Skeptic7 said:

    LONG post detailing a very common and well known effect...placebo. No one is saying that people can't believe whatever nonsense they choose and that it may even provide some benefit or comfort. HOWEVER...the problems start when they start legislating and ramming their beliefs down everyone's throats. Taking rights away from others, discriminating against others and getting preferential treatment from the government. Christians and Muslims use this tactic ad nauseum...and any placebo effect is ineffective against pushing back. That's where facts, evidence, and real education must be applied. Science to combat the opium of the masses. 



    not often that I agree with you. But this time I do. But the religons are not God. And the harm they do is not done by God

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    45 minutes ago, VincentRJ said:


    The effects of the placebo and nocebo are fundamental to all beliefs, whether  the belief is a conventional religion, or a belief that the sun will rise tomorrow as it has always done during the history of the planet.

    This just shows the power of belief. The belief in the power of some object or even fantasy works even if the object or fantasy has no power or does not exist.


    This was meant in a previous post of mine:

    "We are creating our world. The religious create the god whom they deserve. The atheists create their godless world. The fearful create a dangerous world. The science believers create a logical and obsessive world.  The fearless, happy and honest people (with a mind like children) create heaven on earth for themselves. The churches created hell.

    But who the hell created Thai Visa? "



    The faith of religious people that their "god" can help them - can actually help them.

    Abuse by "prophets" or churches who pretend to speak in the name of a supreme being might do harm - and did. Just to mention religious war and hate.


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  10. 3 hours ago, mauGR1 said:



    7 hours ago, thaibeachlovers said:

    The other questions that come to mind are, if there is a God, where did God come from, and if there isn't, where did the universe come from, and don't try to tell me it just came into existence from nothing?

    Yes, It came into existence from nothing

    (nothingness = emptiness)

    emptiness is everywhere, underlying everything that is

    You can take away everything or imagine to do so -but you cannot take away emptiness

    emptiness is the potential to be everything.

    Understand if you can

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  11. On 5/2/2019 at 11:20 AM, JTXR said:

    The US embassy affidavit has always been just a certification of the US citizen's signature, never a certification of income. 

    using this as a document to confirm something else than that your signature is your signature is just defrauding Thai immigration.


    If it worked for so long this shows that they did not understand the letter. Why did they not request a translation by a confimed translator? Their mistake


    Seems now they learn (at least some of them) to read and understand what they read.


    No wonder when they are getting tough. And right so.

    Now we all have to suffer from this mass abuse.

  12. I like the philosophy of Neville Goddard. He says God exists. But he/she is not a being outside of us, separated from us. We are not subordinate beings that depend on the mercy of some big Zampanoo.

    God is our consciousness, our awareness. He is inside us. He is us.

    (In the following I only use "he" for simplicity - but I don't think God - our consciousness of being - has a gender)


    And God can be experienced in meditation. In  Buddhist or Hindu meditation (or others as well) you experience a feeling that the world, space, matter, our normal consciousness is just an illusion. But if all that is gone - there is still  the consciousness that you exist, that you are "I am". And that is God. And God can imagine that he his John Smith or Jennifer MIller - or whoever


    "I am" is God. This is written in the bible, a book written by wise men to help us be free from suffering. (Not to be understood as a book of history, the "word of God" . Moses asked God what is your name? The answer: my name is  "I am"


    We experience our world in consciousness. If we are not conscious then there is no world for us.


    But if we are conscious we experience what we imagine.

    Our life, the world is an illusion, the product and experience of our imagination.  


    If I can experience this than it is true for me. If other people don't experience this - their choice. No impact on my experience. 


    Their reality is what they imagine, not an absolute reality that exists for everybody

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