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  1. 7 hours ago, rooster59 said:

    "There are lots of questions raised by this case, and these have stuck in people’s minds ever since the verdict was delivered. Society wants answers, and the truth must be uncovered

    That is a good thing. Looks like society in LOS begins to awake.

    And if they start awakening they will find a lot more ...

    Hopefully beginning of a big change

  2. I think we are all deluded.

    Part of the delusion is believing in a God outside ourselves.

    Or another one just denie the possibilty that god might exist.


    We experience the world in our consciousness and interpret it using what we have been taught, or better implanted, by our parents, and the people and circumstances around us - in particular during childhood.

    So we create our own world in our consciousness as a copy of what  has been implanted. May be looking for a God outside of us - and this way creating one - is part of it. 


    If God exists isn't he/she consciousness?
    And us -aren't we consciousness, too?


    May be we should look for God not outside but inside ourselves? 

    Even the bible tells:
    "Do you not realize that Jesus Christ (whoever that is) is in you? (Second Corinthians 13:5) 

    But that's not what the religions emphazise

    There are religions, secular powerful organisations who want to make us believe what "their god" is telling.
    And there are individual spiritual  people - they emphasize their experience, and they only believe what they experience

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  3. 34 minutes ago, notmyself said:


    Buddha was supposedly born out of a slit in his mothers side after she was impregnated by a flash of light. 

    yeah - that's an ivention of those who wanted to make him divine (after his death).

    It is not true and not important.

    Important is what he teaches. And that is deep and has nothing to do with blind believe. What the institutions made of it is quite a different story.

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  4. 3 hours ago, yodsak said:


    Read more than a small biased book. Question more. Research. Plenty evidence he existed. Killed by Pilate.

    Also  mentioned by Pliny and Tacitus,  2 hi-so Roman politicians .

    Pliny writes of the christians ''pig headed obstinacy'' 

    Tacitus calls their religion a destructive superstition.  [ not wrong there ]


    No evidence he was the son of god, performed miracles , or rose from the dead though.



    mentioned because they read the fiction called bible? or " new testament"?

    that doesn't prove anything - only to those who want to believe (not caring if true)?




  5. I read a small book called walking withJesus. And it says Jesus never lived and all the people in the bible never lived. It is all invented and the bible was written by wise men who wrote allegories to help people live a happy and fulfilled life. You just have to understand how to interpret. Sounds more likely than believing the bible telling history.

    And the bible was abused by the churches to control people with fear

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  6. 34 minutes ago, FolkGuitar said:

    It's understandable... This smog problem is new. Never happened before, certainly not during the past five years that they were planning this retirement village. It's this new problem that has suddenly shown up that causes them to abandon the project...

    Can you say "Bullsh!t?"

    never too late to learn - and in this case not too late to act appropriately

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