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  1. 2 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

    Would that really work ? Every man and his dog seems to have a gun at home anyway - even my wife.


    Better making all guns illegal AND police locking up guns after work

    the legal guns are not the problem (except those of the police)  Most of the crime are committed with illegal guns.

    So make sure that posession of illegal guns disappear.

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  2. Very hard situation for you. I feel sorry, had a similar experience long time ago. I think you feel the truth and  know what to do but you are also afraid of it. Not doing anything makes your situation not easier.


    I could understand if  you are still looking for a happy solution - which is unlikely unfortunately. After you made a clear and honest decision the pressure will be gone and unexpected wonderful things that you can't imagine now  might happen later - bringing you and the children happiness again. My experience.


    But take care that she doesn't kidnapp the kids and disappear.

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  3. Again - they got it all wrong.


    Seems they want to eliminate foreigners from their equation


    They should face it - Pattaya - Thailand -  became big, rich and famous

    not because of their own effort, qualities, intelligence, honesty

    but only because of the foreigners and their money.


    Without that they would not have known what to do with their beautiful geography.

    They would still be in their rice fields


    I nearly consider wishing thaksin back


    Hopefully they will not destroy it now

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