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  1. 34 minutes ago, FolkGuitar said:

    It's understandable... This smog problem is new. Never happened before, certainly not during the past five years that they were planning this retirement village. It's this new problem that has suddenly shown up that causes them to abandon the project...

    Can you say "Bullsh!t?"

    never too late to learn - and in this case not too late to act appropriately

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  2. 13 minutes ago, shadowofacloud said:

    And will there be a complete u-turn? I would be happy to see that, but most likely we are going to see more chaos, with the regional immigration offices even more confused than ever.

    I don't thik so. They will carry on as usual but remove the "no tip" signs and continue to follow their own rules  -which will cause mor confusion and chaos among IOs and foreigners.

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  3. 2 hours ago, rascalman said:

    OK I have over $4,000 monthly. I am not different than most. Obligations in home country. Please do understand. 

    I feel sorry for you. If you had the obligations before it seems you never qualified for a correct visa and used some inappropriate ways for to get it as many do. Immigration  is not interested in how much money you make abroad - they want the requested amounts in Thailand.

    I can understand that your situation is challenging  after so many years relying  on the Thai not enforcing their rules.

    Hopefully you can find a comfortable solution. I wish you good luck. 


  4. 2 hours ago, moe666 said:

    How is he being forced out other than the fact it appears he doen't qualify for extension of stay using the cash in the bank, he doesn't mention the income method. I will take a wild guess that he has been lying about his income at the Embassy. If I am wrong I will apologize. 

    The only people being forced out are those who cannot qualify for the extension of stay using one of two methods to show income. People who have been fudging the books for years were only fooling themselves.

    in most points I agree with you, 

    but the rule about 800kB 5 months a year and balance never under 400k does make it harder

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