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  1. 23 minutes ago, elviajero said:

    5 months in the country this year alone

    Sure he is not a tourist. He is a long term stayer and he shoulc use the appropriate visa.

    I am fed up with all the comments blaming immigration for not letting in people with inapropriate visas and a history of scamming the system which is clearly visible in the passport. 

    Many people have been spoiled by the lax enforcement of the rules. Now they insist on their right to continue scamming.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tagged said:
    1 hour ago, Tagged said:

    There is no doubt there have been a Jesus, or more during the time,


    Not sure.

    But there is no proof


    - he was the son of God

    - he was born in Bethlehem

    - his mother was a virgin

    - the Sonf of God has been crucified

    - he rose from the dead


    may be the authors of the bible used some real person for their  invented Jesus and the invented  stories about him

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