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  1. 2 hours ago, The Cobra said:

    If a visa was issued by the correct office/officer, and was later deemed to be invalid for any reason, thats a procedural issue for the immigration dept. In that the officer incorrectly issued it, it doesnt not make it illegal, it is not the recipients job to question or verify the officers decision to issue it. Thats HIS job to refuse or accept any visa application and its at his discretion.

    I don't believe this. If this officer goes down for taking bribes or for whatever reason they might very well render illegal all the document that he stamped.

    And when it is your visa - you are out. I will stay away from this kind of visa.

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  2. 7 hours ago, TSF said:

    I would imagine very soon these airlines are going to get <deleted> off with the Thai immigration the amount on a daily basis they are rejecting,

    One way around this would be dont fly long haul into Thailand maybe to Malaysia at least it's a short flight and spend your money there

    what amount on a daily basis do you talk of. Any numbers?

    I guess it is a very small amount and probably not on a daily basis

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  3. 1 hour ago, EricTh said:

    Another case of rejected entry, this has been reported almost daily in this forum.


    Yes, the number of visa/border runners are over. 


    A tourist visa is strictly to visit places of attraction, shopping etc.


    It's not to visit girlfriends, wives, or doing digital nomad work. Those aren't really tourists. This includes those who are living in Thailand permanently in order to save cost.


    There are other visas for that.


    You'r right.

    But: The other visas like retirement visas, marriage visas are made more and more difficult. First the money in the bank that you cannot touch for months. Then the new plans of compusory health insurance. The hassle with TM 30 ... And more hassle to be expected

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Tagged said:

    I think the most important questions will be: Is there a god who will judge us or not. Is there a god who keep track of us, what we do, think, what we say?  

    While the monotheist religions say so others do not. They assume a law instead, the law of Karma for instance.

    I think that idea of a judging god ridiculous. Would only show his/her incomptence to create perfect humans.


    What about another Hypothesis: There is no god apart from us.


    Everything and everybody is god because if god is the ultimate then this God was the only presence in the beginning (if there was one). There was only God no space no matter. So God would be only consciousness which creates out of itself - and human consciousness is God's consciousness having purposefully forgotten its origin and playing God's game for some time.


    It is a mistake to think of god as a being outside ourselves or outside the universe. 

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  5. 5 hours ago, tjo o tjim said:

    The obsession with peanuts is slightly amusing. It is equivalent to 6,000B per non-imm visa applicant, and likely fewer than 750 meaningful hospital bills. But hey...

    hospital bills 6000 Bt per non i visa ... if so 

    when you appy for a visa you have to pay a fee, afaik it is about 6000 Bt for a one year non o. Why not use this money to pay thbe hosopital bills.

    And if they need this fee for another purpose (which?) let them add 6000B per one year no im o and use it as health insurance - and forget ciompulsory additional insurance 

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