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  1. The all important damage to image of the country will take the forefront on this sad situation. Some inflated poo-bah will gather a crowd for a new conference, with cameras recording the hot air festival. The stray dog problem will receive as much correction as taxis who don't use meters.
  2. This incident brings to light the pervasive disregard for the disabled to access sidewalks, buildings and for parking. In general, it is a shambles.
  3. Your post would have merit were it not for the salutation and liberal sprinkling of uncivil comments. Sure glad I have never met you face-to-face asking for directions.
  4. Aggressive, stray dogs that are allowed to roam and attack people with impunity, aided by impotent authorities and ignorant owners = Third World
  5. The juvenile mentality dictates that every poo-bah, uniformed servant and hanger-on show up for a photo op. The thumbs-up gesture is ridiculous considering the severity of the attack and inability of the authorities to deal with stray dogs.
  6. All the glitter and glamour cannot hide the backward mentality of many in this place.
  7. Sadly, this backward thinking country only responds to image damaging articles, photos or international coverage. The packs of stray dogs are out of control in many areas and the danger to the public is of no concern it seems.
  8. Where is the reference in the article that mentioned the UK? Some have trouble staying on topic.
  9. If Thai police were to have mobile police units that could catch these idiot bikers, which includes Thai as well a non-Thai, they just might advance into modern policing.
  10. Never a chance miss to drag the US into your nonsense. It reveals a character defect that is owned by you...thank goodness.
  11. This has nothing to do with America, except perhaps in your warped mind. Your flippant remarks are as sad as the article.
  12. I urge my visiting friends to avoid them and use Uber. Pattaya taxis are a pox on Pattaya and present a bad image for Thailand. Afterall, the damaged image is all that matters in order to get action.
  13. The usual experts deciding blame based on a news article, and their comedic counterparts making juvenile comments about a serious accident.
  14. These pathetic attempts at comedy are sad indeed. The man was injured and I doubt the comics would be so flippant were themselves or a loved one be injured or killed in such an accident.
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