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  1. Dictators use the tools of democracy to advance their grasp of power. Fortunately, his money and intimidation to attain his brand of justice does not extend worldwide.
  2. The lack of profit or customers is not remedied by raising prices or staying open later. The patient is dying and the doctor is prescribing aspirin.
  3. One of the major obstacles to reform is the proliferation of "Plastic leaders". They never seem to go away and clog the waterways of improvement.
  4. I have yet to see a mobile, traffic cop pull over any type moving vehicle in Pattaya for a moving violation. I drive a car here everyday and have driven across Thailand as well. The absence of trained, mobile police is evident and is a factor in the abysmal statistics of roadway deaths in this country.
  5. Well said. The money I spend annually as an expat isn't a six-digit fortune, but it's consistantly spent at locally owned small businesses and supporting other concerns owned by Thais and not the fickle giant way up north.
  6. Once the flood gate it open, it is hard to reclaim the water that has gone through.
  7. Many bars in Pattaya open when they want and close when they want. I suspect some sort of "permit" can be purchased.
  8. The authorities cannot enforce the mandatory helmet law for scooters, let alone something of this bizarre nature. It is am in impotent ability, coupled with ineffective reasoning. I expect a back pedalling recall soon to come.
  9. The best lessons learned are those I have experienced personally. I prefer not to engage in speculation, judgement or analysis of who associates with whom and what may behind these associations. I haven't a clue if he has "learned a hard lesson", as I haven't spoken to him. Being damned by association is most likely inadmissible in court, except perhaps in the court of public opinion.
  10. Surprised they didn't wear uniforms and salute as the work was being done.
  11. Humour or humor does not require a person be able to see the colors or colours of life the same as other people. I try to use the windshield or windscreen of tolerance, to not only protect my perspective of others, but to keep me from taking the lift, or elevator to a level of national superiority.
  12. "Old enough to know better" extends to knowing when not to say others are old enough to know better after they have been injured.
  13. While your post has some merit, based on your personal experience, my experience is somewhat different. Insurance agents called, no mob, no trouble and the scooter driver with no license that hit my car...well, his experience ruined his day. Thank goodness for my front and rear car-cam Not all incidents require simeone to do what I have done in the past. I merely share my experiences and refrain from telling others what they should do in the event of a traffic accident. They can figure that out for themselves.
  14. Interesting that there is little or no police emergency response by calling a 3 digit number. Primative, backward and pathetic. The criminals, both foreign and domestic can commit such crimes and don't have to fear cops coming from all directions; including helicopters, dogs and special weapons teams.
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