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  1. Hence, they are perhaps suited to another profession if their face is hurt. Having worn a uniform and having my feelings/face hurt? What a laugh. Then again, training and the law dictated how I reacted to such things.
  2. I am not the police, judge and executioner. Most likely, neither are you.
  3. It makes a good story about numbers, the basis of which is questionable. Perhaps TAT was involved in the tabulation.
  4. Numbers, numbers, numbers. True or not true. The illusion of fact, supported by data from dubious sources, increases my mistrust of the numbers flying across the screen. If it's on the internet, it must be true.
  5. More likely, If papa has money, papa is treated nicely.
  6. More xenophobia by a controlled media and fueled by officials who fan those flames. How many Thais are in Pattaya compared to non-Thais? By superior numbers, I would guess that more Thais break the various laws than non-Thais. But then, a lighter skin is far more attractive for certain groups to point a finger at.
  7. Everyday, everwhere, everytime. Wrong way driving is as commonplace as no helmet,no seatbelts, no turn signals, no enforcement and no consequence...except in this sad instance.
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