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  1. You brought up a goid point about the "authorities". In general, proactive enforcement is lacking. Stationary traffic/fine collection points, calls for service that go unanswered and non-accountability of public savants is the norm. When the public tolerates poor service, poor service is what they get.
  2. Refering back in history. Select a group that do not "belong" to the majority, even though many have lived in that country for years. Publicize them as being criminal and a danger to the country, using the media as a tool for nationalistic propaganda. If an incident doesn't exist, invent one! Parade them in front of the cameras, with the appropriate saviors resplendent in costume, pointing out that salvation is only possible by locking arms against a common foe. Deflect the real problems facing the country with circuses, bread and other handouts. This scenario is not new. Read up on history.
  3. Nothing like an "expert" to opine about something they may know little about.
  4. You are correct. He was a Former Khmer Rouge cadre and a parasite feeding upon his country.
  5. They are sharks preying on ignorant Chinese tourists. Hang around outside the highrise condos in Wongamat on Soi 16. Between the baht bus driver or mislabled taxi meter, all that they see are sardines ready to be consumed. No meters used and 300 baht is the only English heard. Been here years and nothing has changed.
  6. China is ready for democratic change. Up to the Chinese people if they wish it so.
  7. Application. Extensive background questionaire. Interview. Cadet Background Investigation. Physical fitness test. Physical exam and drug screen. Psychological evaluation. Lie detection/voice stress test. Cadet selection. Academy. Field Training Program. Probation. Tenure. Oh wait! What am I thinking? This is Thailand.
  8. I see your point. These celebrations of the faithful unfortunately are ignored by those who pick and choose which tenants they adhere to.
  9. Police: Come to any of the upscale condos on Naklua Soi 16, Wongamat. All have AirBnB ads for short term rentals. Scores of "short-timers" flopping down for a day/ week at a time in my 43 story complex. All the fancy signs here recently displayed have little effect.
  10. Trained, mobile, traffic officers seem absent. The brown and yellow "Highway Police" seem to concentrate on large trucks and buses for whatever reason. I doubt there are many Thai wearing a police costume that have knowledge of how to initiate a traffic stop. Years ago, I learned how to do this at the academy and cringe at their antics.
  11. Your luck is not talking to him in person. If so, he could show you what he has learned.
  12. Korean style Po Jin Tang (grilled dog) is grilled, seasoned and tasty. Very spicy, so beware.
  13. Thailand, like many countries I've been to (36 last count), are filled with mostly honest folks. The dishonest ones are what this article reminds me about. "The sharks circle around their prey, waiting for the sick, old, weak and unwise".
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