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  1. An obvious head injury, yet no backboard, no c-collar, no stabilization of the head and neck. Let's just yank him up, oblivious to any additional external or internal injuries. World class? When I read the headline, I figured it was a Thai, else it would have captioned "Foreigner", blah, blah, blah.
  2. Your leading question lacks current research, which is inconclusive that social distancing and masks have any bearing on infection. It is too early and beyond my ability to question another persons prespective on the matter, although I have been known to shoot my mouth off without knowing much about the subject.
  3. I'm not concerned about anyone's financial worth, nor do I know what western expats imagine. I only am sure about myself and leave others to know and imagine about others.
  4. Are you volunteering? If such activities are illegal and corrupt, then there is plenty wrong with it.
  5. This article is about Pattaya, Thailand and not "any giving city anywhere...". That being said, it is a pathetic act, and yes, pathetic if it happened in any city.
  6. The usual low-lifes finding humour in the plight of legitimate massage businesses that are in bad times. Bottom feeders are found everywhere, but seem to infect even the most serious stories on TVF.
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