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  1. Trying to emulate Osaka, Japan? What a laugh. Might as well try to bring a iceberg into Pattaya bay for ice sledding. Greenbelts do not generate revenue, and that is all city hall sees. They are seemingly oblivious to what other resort cities have planned and possess.
  2. The many man-made performances are intended to generate cash. They seem to hide behind people's desire to escape reality.
  3. A man was murdered and some use it as a springboard for humour and attempts at being clever. I am certainly happy I have never met those whose juvenile keyboarding is both pathetic and uncaring.
  4. Talking heads need to be uttering on a frequent basis in order to appear relevant.
  5. I don't believe any of this "deliberately obstructive". I tend to think it is a lack of knowledge, priority and ego on the part of those "unqualifed uniforms" calling the shots for the last 6 years.
  6. I can see you point. This racial, ethnic, poor me correctness is heading to create a sanitized, history rewritten, impersonal nightmare.
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