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  1. So right. With minimal enforcement it's pretty much a free-for-all on Thao roads. The death and injury statistics attest to that.
  2. The has-been seems to be a plague which cannot be remedied as long as the vectors of his disease are in office. A thorough fumigation to get rid of these pests is in order.
  3. The method in which the police handle such crimes flashes the damaging image for all to see in disbelief.
  4. May be working fine for you. It is unreliable, as are various stories claiming it is working.
  5. I once called someone a Dufus, only to find I was looking at my reflection in a mirror.
  6. Huge in the context of their contributions and influence on music, perhaps. Outside of that, their effect towards improving the world in general, is perhaps, not huge.
  7. TAT struggles to prove their relevance, a position of which credibility is lacking.
  8. Think back into history of those who held power but did not flee their country when bombs fell on their nation. In this case, snow fell and freezing temperatures ensued, but a common sense of duty and solidarity was no where to be found.
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