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  1. Perhaps better than an obese, out of shape couch potato with beer in hand.
  2. The taxis have no one but themselves to blame. Pattaya taxis are in daily violation of the law by refusing to use the meter, seemly with the blessings of those higher up on the food chain.
  3. I too suffer from a serious character defect...that of wanting to have what I think is the "last word" on a miriad of topics.
  4. All agreed that the lunch buffet and the hospitality bags were a rousing success.
  5. If I continue breathing, I may be able to answer that question through personal experience. Then I will post it for all to see.
  6. The oceans are interconnected and trash in it is shared via the currents. Just look for the green bags from the omnipresent supermarket.
  7. Under the auspices of The Ministry of Disinformation and Contradictory Statements.
  8. Sadly, another law that most likely comes with no enforcement, no attention and no interest. Kind of like the helmet law and the limit of riders and age of drivers of scooters.
  9. I believe the officials of my country (The USA), as much as I believe what is posted on TVF...very little. Who is this mysterious "We". Perhaps replace it "We", with "I, me or my".
  10. So nice that you can be so sure of something that has not happened yet, sharpy wise that is.
  11. We just sent H...y to the Great Beyond yesterday. Smoked his way into thoat cancer and finally stopped when his heart did.
  12. Seemingly, no move towards advancing society is to be missed by pessimism.
  13. Crimes against children are certainly in a category that warrants enhancements to punishments metted out after a trial; presided by a lawfully appointed judge and/or before a jury a prescribed by statute. The advocating of capital punishment for such crimes, while emotionally appealing to some, is a line I avoid crossing. I prefer to leave that decision to the people of the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred.
  14. The very fact that someone commits such an offense, lends credibility to the possibility that such salesmanship happens in the real world. Pathetic.
  15. The circus clowns and supporting cast believe that the show must go on, regardless of the ineffectiveness of the performance.
  16. A massive LOL for a statement which is puzzling in its comparison and nationalistic its content.
  17. I know a few corrupt and selfish atheists. Darkness is an equal opportunity employer.
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