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  1. As usual, the "authorities" deny, deflect, ignore and corrupt. I suppose the 257 AQI in Bangkok was the same harmless fog as Pattaya's Thursday, AQI of 157.
  2. Please read up on the long term effects of air pollution. Much like smoking, all seems well short-term but years down the road...
  3. As with many things, lip service, denial, wais, and forgotten. On the other hand, slander a person or a business and the Wrath of Khan will descend upon your head. Pathetic.
  4. Positive initiatives, based on past models do have some degree of credibility. There seems to be a bit of fortune telling, wishful thinking and stage performance by many actors as to what the future will bring. Having lived here many years, and witnessed many curtain calls, closing productions that have brought minimal or absent results, it is difficult to take such stage shows seriously, particularly from the featured stand-in. A free society can ridicule the ridiculous, or applaud the credible...at least for now.
  5. Some are willing to dance with the devil if the payment is large enough. In the future, perhaps the same technology will be used to step on the German dancer's toes.
  6. Pride, Ego and Nationalism are synonys for Thainess. All seem to strangle critical thinking and moving forward towards a better life for the proletariat.
  7. A booming weekend here and there does not a livelyhood make. Time is a luxury for those who have savings to buy the clock. Sorry to hear about your getting "stiffed" by the condo owner.
  8. Many have come and gone before him, each ignoring the obvious, believing they are different and can avoid the inevitable.
  9. Excellent in some areas perhaps and failing grades for speaking out. "Jealousy" takes many forms, particularly that of saving face to avoid admitting ignorance.
  10. I wasn't there, didn't hear what he said, didn't talk to anyone who did and leave it to those arm-chair judges to spew their "wisdom".
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