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  1. Playing Tennis is physically demanding, I'll have you know!
  2. I left Thailand on 27th March 2020. It was the only time in 35 years where I wasn't that sad to leave. As you say, virtually everything was closed.
  3. I think AZ is the only vaccine that's sold at cost. Probably something to do with helping mankind and not expecting to make big profits from it, an unusual concept nowadays!
  4. Walter would have had 800 or 8000 kilograms
  5. Probably because about 2.3 million of 'em are Burmese/Cambodian/Rohingya etc labourers!? (Expatriate can have a very 'broad' meaning!).
  6. It has also been suggested that 'transit passengers' are also counted as tourist arrivals. For instance when someone flies from Europe to Australia (usually on Thai AIrways) and just changes planes/flights at Bangkok Airport.
  7. Maybe they will collect it as they did the old airport tax? (Many wealthy Thais were probably scamming free flights on Thai anyway, cos they 'know' someone. Part of Thai's problem, giving away their most profitable seats).
  8. That might depend on whether one is a 'tourist' or an 'expat'!?
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