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  1. You're right there. Some people will look at you like you've gone mad when we say that (because of Thailand's reputation), but I think it's true in many ways.
  2. A right-minded individual, but it ain't gonna fly! ROME, Aug. 12 -- The mayor of a seaside resort has ruffled feathers by suggesting that only beautiful women should be allowed to walk around his town in a bikini, Italian media reported Saturday. 'I don't want people who don't have a good physique walking the streets in their swimming costumes,' said Andrea Guglieri, who runs Diano Marina in northwest Italy. He told the Turin daily La Stampa that a beautiful woman in a bikini was fine but that the ugly ones would do better to stick to the beach
  3. The "Walk of Shame" is the name given (by an old American friend) to the footpath/pavement/sidewalk?? between Sukhumvit Soi 5 and Soi 3 in Bangkok, where the hookers and lady-boys hang out by the bus stop at 11 in the morning. Just around the corner from "The Tunnel of Love" that used to link Soi 5 and Soi 7.
  4. Walking through my home town in the UK looking at the average citizen, mulling over what you say. Would I really want to see these people naked?! There's a lot to be said for clothes!!
  5. ...A340-500 had the longest range of any airliner at one time. Thai used them for the Bangkok-New York non-stop flight. But I think they had to strip weight/some seats out of them to get the range.
  6. I not saying that they would, in fact Guatemala's probably as poor as where they come from. I'm sort of familiar with this stuff because of the situation in Europe. I get the impression that if Guatemala's deemed to be a "safe" country because of this treaty, then Guatemala gets stuck with lots more poor people that it can't take care of (as well as it's own). There are lots of similar people near Calais in France. The difference being that the 1200 km of border walls (fences), like Trump's, are in south eastern Europe.
  7. They can't look after their own people (that's why they emigrate), why would they want the poverty of other countries? If they sign this they become obliged to look after migrants.
  8. Go to immigration and take the passport after that stuff's done. The fact that this guy was caught at the airport, on his way out of the country, backs up what I said. Certainly where 800k Baht is involved, over £20,000.
  9. No, he defrauded his friend out of 800k. Sounds like he was doing a runner. Surprised that the lender didn't keep his passport until repayment.
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