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  1. Unlike 4 years ago, come November, the Donald won't have his biggest asset, Hillary's unpopularity,
  2. "Never take a car to a dealership for service or repair!" anyway According to an old friend who worked in such a place in the UK.
  3. Nothing noticeable anyway, not in the area of BKK that I lived in, maybe it did near the airport or over the river.
  4. It's gonna be a massive problem if both tourism and agriculture is screwed.
  5. There's been a drought every year for about 10 years in Thailand. I remember about 5years ago, we never had any rain between November & May in Bangkok.
  6. ...went to the Irrigation Dept the other day, they asked for my passport!
  7. Lots of their cabin crew look like they must have been working there 20-30 years. Unlike Air Asia, beautiful young ladies!
  8. I flew in business quite a lot, also Thai & Emirates, but only once on the company. BC was usually around 3 or 4 times more than economy.
  9. ...and many of the free flights would've been in the most potentially profitable seats.
  10. Yes, but only like SAA, Alitalia, Malaysian and many others.
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