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  1. What does an attractive 30 year old wife/gf weighing 45Kg cost in the UK these days? (Thailand 10Kbht/month). What do they cost either in the UK or Thailand? Potentially? Everything you ever owned.
  2. Some 'spoons pubs are as nice as some non-'spoons pubs, it's the half price drink that's the kicker!
  3. Since I moved back I've given up smoking, £1.50 a pack in Thailand was OK, £9 a pack in the UK isn't. Probably saving £3,000 a year by not smoking. As far as drinking goes, the UK can be just as bad as Ireland or Australia. (If I ever win the lottery I would come back to live in Thailand, part of why I never stayed there was a fear of running out of money there, anther thing was sheer boredom, nothing to do for 3 years).
  4. I don't want to meet anyone for any reason in bars or clubs, or go to parties according to the phases of the Moon!. One of the reasons I left Thailand is that I didn't want to be drinking too much. As I mentioned before, I spent nearly 20 years in Thailand and decided that the things that I liked doing 20 years previously no longer appealed to me. I still like Thailand, but I don't get the 'buzz' out of it that I used to.
  5. I haven't lived in Thailand for almost 3 years now, 56 years old. Still like Thailand, but don't get a buzz out of it as I used to. Also, many friends have either moved on or died.
  6. For the last 7 or 8 years that I lived in Bangkok, I hardly ever went to Cowboy or Nana, even though they were a 20 minute or so walk away. One thing being, I no longer wanted relationships/sex or whatever. And another thing being, if I'm not looking for that stuff, I don't want to be 'pestered' by people who think that I do.
  7. Pattaya is certainly much cheaper. I was in Thailand in '98, but wasn't rich enough to exploit the 90 Baht/£, In '85, I remember a night out in Soi Cowboy was 1,000 - 1,500 Baht, all-up, now we'd be looking at 4,000-5,000. An old and wealthy friend used to spend 6,500 Baht on a night out in Cowboy, the cheapness factor just isn't there any more. In '85 happy hour beers were 25 Baht, now more like a 100. Exchange rates in '85 - 40/£ 25/US$. (It was $1 a beer, now $3 a beer).
  8. Not really sure what your point is? BTW, I lived in 5 or 6 condos over a 20 year period in lower Sukhumvit, about 18 months in the one I mentioned off Soi 22.
  9. Just off Sukhumvit Soi 22, if it had been Soi 24 I would have been paying 3 times more. I first visited Thailand in 1985, it ain't the cheap & cheerful place now that it was back then (maybe it still is in Nakhon Nowhere?).
  10. Yes, that's what many don't realise about the response/measures related to COVID, government's fear of hospitals being overwhelmed. (When people say that everything should carry on as normal).
  11. None, I live on my own. I only have 4 cans a night max anyway. (I'm not really prone to violence when drunk, more likely to just do stupid stuff).
  12. Very true, it's a bigger country, and they have a population not much bigger than that of London or NYC.
  13. Sweden thought they didn't need to bother with lockdowns and all that mullarky. Everything was tickety-boo, then they were hit just the same as many other countries.
  14. If they have AZ vaccines, which are provided at cost (or maybe free), how many are being administered for profit by private medicine?
  15. Makes even less sense to ban alcohol in pubs/bars. ("I think I'll go down the pub for a coffee!") (I suppose there are a lot of 'food pubs' there, like the UK). Is it a pub that sells food or a retaurant that sells booze?
  16. English language skills are better in Cambodia than they are in Thailand.
  17. That's how Londoners say it, apparent from the background In my time in Thailand I was struck by the vast array of English accents that are taught to Thai school kids. Noo Joisey, broad-Australian, broad-Ulster, Liverpool, Johannesberg, Birmingham etc, etc........ Many years ago I was speaking to a Thai lady who had spent many years living in the UK. She could speak with all the British accents very well, very funny!!
  18. That would entail Thailand having a cedible rule of law, ain't gonna happen any time soon.
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