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  1. To get 2 years + (maybe 2-3 months extra by popping in and out of the country and coming back in on a tourist visa obtained in KL or elsewhere) in the LoS, without having to put anything in a Thai bank (apart from spending money) to validate my income, while keeping most of my money in my US back accounts and paying for the better part of everything over here with my US credit cards--which earn sufficient miles in that time period to get a free round trip ticket to/from from Thailand, seems to be a no brainer for me! [We just got 3 free RT tickets for our family of 4 after only being here for 2 ¾ years.] RT tickets to and from the US are only a cut above $600 right now, anyway. I could easily lose that much in lost interest/bad exchange rates by going the ever-changing route to validate my income. And I do not have to let any money just park and sit for more than the few days it takes to get my visa approved at the Thai Consulate back home! IMHO this might be a good option for others to consider, even if it involves a bit more paperwork back home.
  2. I just sifted through all 22 pages of this thread(!) and could find only 2 posts related to how this new law affects those of us who plan to request our O-A visa from Thai Embassies in our home country. Are we right in assuming (a terrible thing to do regarding this matter in this country) that this new order does not affect the requirements for getting the 1-year O-A visa from abroad? And, can we assume that, if the new rules do not affect the visa from abroad, then we can still get the additional 1-year on the heels of it as before without having to demonstrate sufficient funds (of any method) in a Thai bank?
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