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  1. BTW . . . UPS has subsequently sent an email request for me to send them a scanned copy of every page in may passport along with a detailed listing of all of the items sent from America with proof of purchase, brand names, and pictures, among others. No one at the UPS office in the U.S. said anything about the necessity for all this! It reminds me of all I had to go through to ship my household goods to the country as LCL container cargo! I cannot believe I have to do this to merely get a small package of gifts. I can understand having to pay duties on a few items. But, UPS has gi
  2. I ended up going down to the Customs office at my local airport yesterday. UPS sent me their PP 20 and I used the information from that form to sign a document (many, actually) which gives UPS permission to act on my behalf as my broker in Bangkok--where my package sits. Surprisingly, Customs told me that my ability to do it on my own expired, evidently from the time my wife and I imported a desktop computer from the U.S to Thailand way back in 2002! They still had that info on file! So, apparently, I have been given permission to act as my own import broker again without receiving my own, per
  3. This is what confuses me. Why would UPS request that I have to submit such a form at the local Customs office in order to get my package? I am not a Thai company; I am simply an individual living in the LoS on a retirement visa who has parents who sent me a very belated Christmas package! I can understand them wanting to "add value" (VAT) to some of the items I am receiving in order to tax items coming into the country; but, this seems overkill to request a PP20. Like you said, is this form not exclusively used for companies registered in Thailand with the Thai Dept. of Revenue--foreign or o
  4. I have run into a similar situation. My folks sent me a package from the U.S. and used UPS instead of USPS (the normal U.S. mail system). Now, my package is sitting in the BKK airport and has to be released by Thai Customs. UPS emailed me and said I can go to the customs at my local airport station, show them all the appropriate documentation (passport, visa, etc) and give them permission to allow UPS to be my broker. But, I have to take the PorPor 20 (ภ.พ.20 -- VAT Registration Certificate) form with me to get them to release it to UPS and I cannot find this document available anywhere on l
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