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  1. There is a big enough problem getting them off the sidewalks. let alone the streets! On a more serious note, if it is some kind of mental disorder (I'm inclined to agree with you) then I feel it is doubtful that any sort of re-test would change their attitude. Its more about trying to eradicate the me, me, me attitude, which is presumably a cultural issue. It's way to prevalent to be anything other.
  2. So not actually a military coup, just training for one...
  3. Immigration only has the "hots" as you put it for the people who are getting their extensions through the back door, rather than the legitimate route. In doing so they are inevitably treading on the toes of those who are doing so legally. It is the dishonest expats who don't have the funds available and use corrupt agents who are totally to blame for new, tighter rules. Nobody else.
  4. Well, according to Wikipedia and the Oxford English Dictionary (both reasonably reliable sources) the correct spelling is.....drum roll please.... Farang. It originates from the Germanic word Franks. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
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