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  1. That's not down to Skyscanner - when you choose a flight it directs you to a third party website and THEY increase it (its rare though), infact quite the opposite Skyscanner want to be told when this happens as they don't like it either and take it up with the third party - they've done it for me in the past
  2. Yep kbank market village as suggested before was easy even if it took ages but very helpful, but also Bangkok Bank NOT the one in Market Village who weren’t helpful but the one just outside (to the right as you look at Market Village) - super helpful and quick!
  3. Ahhh there’s the ol anti Thais cop out - if you are going to slate everything thai (against forum rules on many counts) then it needs to be put into context - and as it then all descends into complete <deleted> you’re shown up to be what you really are - a racist bigot.
  4. Or as you say a skint washed up alcoholic who sits on their bar stool watching happier people walk by burning to have that lifestyle. Only they’re too fat and broke to get it. So they come on here to denounce all woman as beneath them to give themselves a boost - it’s a heady mix of pathetic, sad and funny!
  5. It’s a mystery why they’re no longer with such a chauvinistic neanderthal selfish catch such as your good self
  6. 1 million per cent spot on !! Won’t stop them blaming the system anytime soon though !
  7. Yesterday on here it was reported a THAI woman saw an American man get butchered and took all the details necessary to put the THAI murderer behind bars Yet more of your weary tiresome racist claptrap.
  8. When I got my yellow book with the address as my father in laws house, the guy at the amphoe handling it all said I no longer needed to inform the authorities when I moved! He was the deputy head honcho not an office lackey. I pointed out to him I lived 5 hours away and it wasn’t a massive hassle anyway but he reiterated there was no need anymore. I think I still will BTW - the better half is of the opinion that the yellow book helps to grease the wheels at extension time - anything of substance behind that ?
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