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  1. and the two most well known red light areas in Thailand - no need to be embarrassed on here son. You're amongst friends. PS Dynasty Grande (Soi 4 I think) round the corner from Nana and close to Cowboy was decent though haven't been there for a couple of years - if you did stay there there's also the added bonus of walking past a bar called The Cabin (I think) just before you get to the main road on your way to Nana that had some hotties in there. If its full of fatties now I apologise in advance.
  2. Sorry rather fundamental typo from me - I meant are you sure CGT ALLOWANCE is given to Expats (in the case of selling a property) - google presents a very muddy picture
  3. Which just proves education is grossly overrated ! She will never recover from the police costs interview - toe curling TV at its best !
  4. Sex pest alert !!!!! Just hire it initially for an hour and see how you get on
  5. Love/Hate inscriptions on knuckles, Chang vest and the obligatory sovereign ring ?
  6. The petition to end the Brexit madness has just knocked out the government IT systems for the second time today …….. was growing at over a thousand a minute. Perhaps Boris is chums with the IT manager ? Back up - now 1,128,720 - the last 3 figures are going round quicker than a stop watch !!
  7. I was wondering why the pound was sinking rather rapidly today (Brexiteers will be along to tell us the upside of that I suspect) - on the plus side we could get to watch Diana Abbott pull the UK purse strings from afar - if that not a reason to get up in the morning nothing is !
  8. I wouldn't know how to as I haven't a clue what you're on about ? Is christ now working at immigration ?
  9. Be careful cutting costs by turning down the hospital meds and heading for your local pharmacy. I had an eye infection a few years back in Phuket, went to the pharmacy, gave me several items all with the word 'eye' on it ! Few days later my eye was now a mess, couldn't see out of it at all, and clearly getting worse, went into the hospital (Bangkok Hospital Phuket) on a Saturday, they called a specialist in from home as they didn't like the look of it, who spent a good few hours with me. I told her what medication I had from the pharmacy, she singled one out and said in a few days more that one would have blinded me and angrily threw it in the bin !! Put me on a strong dosage of anti biotics, new meds and it cleared up - she told me to avoid local pharmacies (and I've always been a bit suspicious there seems to be one every 50 metres) Oh and bill for the hospital treatment, her time and the meds was just 4000b (private)
  10. I had a fractured nose and two fractured cheekbones in the UK (smashed in the face by a cricket ball) - had to wait SEVEN hours - there's something very wrong with that !! But they passed their waiting test by seeing me after 20 minutes and saying "we think you have sustained a head injury" (the massive blood loss from my face was probably the clue) before then telling me to go back to the waiting area! The NHS is a basketcase but too many people view it through rose tinted specs so politicians are scared to death to touch it! I wouldn't be rushing home from here to be treated in the UK NHS
  11. Never even crossed my mind - great tip, especially as I've just shelled out 15,000 for a crown. Don't suppose they stray into the cosmetic dental area to your knowledge too do they ?
  12. Excellent post and one that's got me thinking about it - the massage thing, like you I don't like the bone re-arranging thai massage thing - could they not have just done you an oil one, or other, but billed for a thai massage ?
  13. What is it you're after ? You get 5 years in Thailand with minimal hassle (to normal people) and not have to reside in a tax obsessed western country - how is that 'nothing back in return' ?
  14. I could watch your emoji for hours - please don't ever change it !! Carry on
  15. Now 1,042,848 - seems to be going up by about a thousand a minute
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