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  1. During an inoculation session for tuberculosis at school when I was about 13 one of my classmates fainted, but she was known to faint at the sound of a car farting. She set off a chain reaction, 4 more girls fainted before they even got into the medical room.
  2. I recently underwent a minor operation at the local hospital,. Staff told me that had I not had a pink ID card I would have needed to go to a private hospital.
  3. There are about 30 folders in the "pictures" memory section of Win7. Some folders contain only 1 image, most have several images all relating to each other.
  4. Well said, I have been teaching my granddaughter how to stop using gears and handbrake. At her official lessons no instructor mentioned it.
  5. I have over the years saved large number of photos in my computer. I now want to transfer them to a memory stick leaving the originals in place on the computer. At the moment all I can think of is to copy each file individually and drag the copy to the memory stick. There must an easier and quicker way. Advice needed from an expert please.
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