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  1. yep, there are speed and/or data limits on the free ones (or they snoop) and 60gb is literally nothing. that Metro game that was released like yesterday alone was 55 GB in Thailand I never bothered with VPN but from what I am told back home in America/Canada the RIAA (or whatever) monitor certain sites, put fake torrents and then push the ISP to send legal notices wasn't like that when I left but my friend said there's no downloading anything without a VPN
  2. I got bit by a dog while walking a 200 meters walk to go to 7eleven around 11pm once, it came out of nowhere, bit my calf and ran when i reacted. very next day I saw the same dog with a muzzle on (not because of me).. apparently the geniuses were taking the muzzle off a dog known to attack people at night. amazing.
  3. they have programs around here once a while for free castration, sent my thai friend with my dog and they said they wouldn't do it because "medicine is for Thai dog, this not Thai dog" most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. that is the excuse they were using for being scared of screwing up on some pure bred dog. I asked my friend if her dog she had brought there earlier in the day were Bangkaew and she said no.. so I told her to bring the dogs back and put the balls back because they were not thai dogs either
  4. girl here bought a box like two weeks ago, for her first time. they look quite different than what I remember (no plastic applicator?) she was trying to figure it out in the early evening (around 6pm) and if she fell asleep with it, would likely only wake up around noon the next day (18 hours in there give or take) told her she could die from Toxic Shock Syndrome.. she looked at me like I was an idiot.
  5. that happened to me once by accident, I was making a left turn at an intersection and they were across of it (2 lanes) saw the end of his wave and he seemed to attempt to walk in my way like a dunce and I thought he was waving hi.. but then he started shouting and I sped off. 555 I have traveled across Thailand many times by big bike (and small scooters) and I have never seen a single time a police arresting a car for speeding. I have seen plenty of times those BMWs or black SUVS go like 200 km/h and pass a police pickup truck and they did absolutely nothing. I know they were going over 200 because they always come up behind me blinking their lights expecting me to move out of the way (not even in the fast lane) and pass me like I was immobile. I usually drove at ±110
  6. not many people will play Anthem now that Apex Legends is out (and free) not the same type of game, of course. so if you like feeling like Iron Man maybe Anthem is a good game for you incidentally I was watching this video when I read the last few messages on here
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