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  1. I knew they don't run on both (at the same time), was asking if there was a tradeoff to having dual system. those trucks are only 1600cc so not exactly strong to begin with, so a loss of power isn't all that great but then again I will only be moving my stuff in it once per few years (hopefully) and nothing heavy in between. I don't know which one I am getting yet, still perusing FB Marketplace and will ask the proper questions when i make contact I guess I learned that some years had dual system from factory installed but i'm not sure which year they were a
  2. so i'm about to buy a little pickup, specifically a Suzuki Carry 2nd hand but noticed some of them are modified to run on LPG only then 50% of the rest are on a LPG/petrol switch of some sort. I don't really like if the vehicle is "LPG only" because where I plan to be living soon there is a severe lack of LPG stations but is there any reason why I should avoid buying a vehicle with a switch? like would the engine be less capable or anything like that? would there be issues if i filled it once with LPG but not use it and only use petrol or vice versa? I gu
  3. forgot to add: I was told and read a few times that you can apparently refuse to take the vehicle from them (after paying) until they provide paperwork/plates to you but I don't know how useful that move is.
  4. red plates they give you are supposed to look like this (from wikipedia) "Trade plates carry a significant number of restrictions. Drivers with red plates must seek permission from authorities if they want to use the vehicle at night. Cars with red plates cannot be driven out of the province where the vehicle was registered at purchase. Drivers must ask for permission each time they want to travel outside the specified area. Documents must be in order, with the destination and the dates of travel. Red-plated cars are not allowed to use expressways. Drivers of cars with
  5. quite annoying but Elite Visa is just a tourist visa so you get 2 years apparently I read on here some other people got different results but it's what we're supposed to be getting (same for me)
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