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  1. Hi all,

    In 15 Years, how do you foresight Yangon developing? Like wich city in Asia ?

    Or in other words, if you had to compare, given your actual knowledge.

    You think it can become like Bangkok ? Or more like Dhaka ? Or maybe Phnom Penh ?

  2. Is this really how Burma wants to brand itself?

    It's called marketing...

    The country want to attract more mid-high income level tourists. So the video shows want they want to see : Exotic religion, historical sites they can climb, crafted goods to bring back home, quiet and peaceful people, quality time with beautiful sightseeing.

    I'm not saying it's good or bad, i'm really curious to hear what kind of video you will do to advertise this country that you seem to know very well (which is not my case).

  3. Hi all,

    It seems like all company approved by MFIL are really big, with massive capital. I wonder if some members of this forums have created company already through this system, or the old one :CA. (Myanmar companies Act).

    I already got a few persons telling me that they used a local system, and local agent to setup. I wonder about the whole legality of this. whistling.gif

    Any input is welcome !

    Thanks by advance, cheers.

  4. Thanks again SVB, for these interesting and detailed reports, it definitely helps.

    You def have more info than a LP guide ;D

    I'll be writing a report as soon as i dive there !


  5. Hi all,

    I'm interested to visit a meditation center in Burma when i go there by end of June.

    I've practiced when i lived in India, i'm looking for medium/ long course, in a quiet area.

    I've found on internet plenty of centers listed, and of course the Vipassana centers, but almost no feedback from users.

    I was wondering if some member has already visited one center.

    Thanks by advance !

  6. Hi all, i'm resurrecting this Thread (if it's allowed dear Mods).

    Would like to know how things are now, if they have changed :

    - ease to get Internet when you rent a house (and price)

    - Satellite installation if you live in remote places.

    Thanks by advance for any pointers !


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