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  1. Yes, but the one quoted in the article is behind the one you are talking about.
  2. DO NOT get a STV. I had one and it was a huge pain in the rear to get. At the time, it was the only viable option there was. As the others in this thread have said, you cannot change to a non-O and then get the retirement 1 year extension.
  3. ubonjoe is correct in regards to Jomtien Immigration anyway. They did ask for a TM 30 for where I was staying (my house). I didn't have one, so I paid a fine, filled out a TM30 and all was good. Extension granted.
  4. Ok, I was not implying that a person cannot do so. I was simply stating what was stamped in my passport. I am currently stuck in quarantine in China and only have my current "new" passport with me. When I return home sometime in the summer, I will dig out some old passports and send you a scan.
  5. A question for you Peter regarding the PM you sent me: " Where you say (or apply in-country for an extension) I beg to differ. I have had many Non-immigrant O visas based on retirement in the past. Under the visa stamp it said clearly in English "extension not allowed". I always understood that to mean that you could not get an extension to the 90 day stay.
  6. Be aware that certain brokerages will let you trade shares on the main board but not on the AIM. I signed up with a brokerage with the aim of trading on the AIM (pun intended), but after signing up, I found out I could only trade on the main board and not the AIM. Very frustrating.
  7. I booked and paid for a hotel in Pattaya for 75 days (90 - 15) on Agoda when applying for my STV visa. I submitted that booking to the Embassy and they accepted it when I applied for my STV. As soon as I landed in Suvarnaphumbi, my first task was to cancel the booking and get a refund which went through with no problems. I have a condo in Bangkok and tried to use it as a residence for after I left quarantine but the Embassy insisted on me submitting my landlord's Tax ID number. My landlord refused to provide it and I don't blame him one bit. That is why I chose the Agoda route. Ques
  8. A mask to a virus is as a chainlink fence is to a mosquito
  9. As far as I know, natural causes have nothing to do with it. If a Farang dies outside a hospital, their body is automatically sent to the police hospital in Bangkok for an autopsy. That occurred with two of my friends who passed on.
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