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  1. It's the grim reaper. He was crossing the road at the time. Normal people can't see him, it's only the spooky photos afterwards. Well spotted! We are all immortal now!
  2. Absolutely not. Cullen Skink is the bees knees, if properly made. SWBO is a master of the dish, forget all that froggy rubbish. All I was saying was, local pork pies are not all that great.
  3. I suggest you try Big Cs Casino brand "Pate en Croute". Ok it's not called pork pie, it doesn't look like pork pie, but to me, at least, it tastes better than any of the above, and a slice or four go down well with beer and/or whisky! And yes, it's got a little bit of jelly, usually.
  4. I think the word you want is "mettle"........on second thoughts, the word you want is "brains"!
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