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  1. Two days ago got a taxi from Bang Yai to Suvarnabhumi Airport, 55km and 100 min ride, while the driver was watching video from his phone on the instrument panel for the entire trip.. Lack of concentration behind the wheel and speed all over the place. This was a Grab taxi so a bad review and report goes back to base.. No doubt he'll be not riding for Grab for a while.. First time I've had a Grab where the driver wasn't professional..
  2. owenm


    Villa market sell Warburton Frozen crumpets from UK in a pack of 6 for 105 Bht at Sukhumvit 33.. Not cheap.. Maybe avail in CM.. 3 flips in the toaster, nice and crunchy with decent marg/butter and honey. Once thawed use within 4 days.. Not as good as Golden crumpets from OZ but still good..
  3. So let me get this right.. Out of a total of 13,859 foreigners, 90% are Chinese!! And the other 1405 foreigners are from 29 other nationalities, averaging less than 50 per nationality.. OMG.. Tourism must really be suffering at the moment..
  4. I use 3BB 50/20 mbs VDSL which I stream with my Netflix, downloads from torrents, 3 users constantly online.. In 15 mths maybe lost service for a total of an hour.. Very reliable, no contract, free WiFi router and free install.. The new router offers dual 2.4G and 5G. At 599 Thb per month + 7% VAT = 631 Thb.. Do you really need 200/100??
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