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  1. While 1% of the elite own 70% of Thai's wealth, nothing will ever change with inequality between the haves and have-nots.. The hisos can rule with impunity, because money talks..
  2. Many major international airlines have experienced major financial hurdles, including QANTAS, Australia's major airline.. The CEO cut his own salary and perks by about 50%, as well as cutting meat to the bone to reduce operational costs, cutting back on overtime, reducing management staff and paying bonuses, retiring older poor fuel efficient aircraft, leasing newer aircraft with better fuel efficiency.. Cutting back or culling unprofitable routes.. QANTAS was on the verge of bankruptcy, but by turning it around it is now quite profitable again, without having reliance on government handouts. But with sensible management decisions to rebuild the brand and go from operating in the red for several years, back into the black again.. If Thai cannot see the writing on the wall by now and make major decisions to restructure their major national carrier, it will disappear like the Abyss..
  3. And I just wonder what are the medical skills of ambulance drivers and staff.. Do they all know how to do basic CPR?? Or are they just a carriage service..
  4. Maybe international travel insurance policies to Thailand will need to add to their dangerous activities list, using a people mover minibus for inter provincial travel as a passenger, along with zip line activities, unlicensed motorbike driving and jetskis.. And maybe in the future high-speed boats.. Sixty road deaths average per day should be included as a dangerous activity unless the government gets serious about change..
  5. These vans are death traps because of crazy inexperienced drivers, and passenger vans that aren't fit for purpose.. A logbook system with mandatory 15 min breaks every 3-4 hrs would help eliminate driver fatigue. Speed limited to max 100kmh. Front vision recording cameras made mandatory. Min. insurance of 100k Thb per passenger in all people moving vehicles, be it vans or buses. Driver's responsibility that all passengers are wearing seat belts, and banning drivers from using any mobile phone while driving.. All wishful thinking, as I know nothing will change with government inaction.. And all previous governments have all been talk and no action.. TIT..
  6. Two TOP brand products from Thailand that I consider to be worthy of recommendation are Findig footwear and shoes, they last for years and Hatari fans and air coolers.. They keep going year after year.. I've used both brands for years and found both to be good quality products..
  7. Surprisingly, for an Aussie, Blackmores are almost a household name.. But their export products aren't the same as their domestic products.. Executive B formulation has only 50% of the active ingredients of the home version.. A bottle of Magnesium tabs, one a day in Oz, recommend up to 2 a day on their exports, and min age for domestic is 12yrs, but export from 9 yrs.. They want to sell more product but without the stringent regulations for being sold domestically..
  8. At least planes don't drop from the sky but speeding minivans run off the road frequently.. I'd prefer not to be using funeral insurance, even though I'd only be there in body and not in soul.. You only live life once..
  9. OMG.. You're on a METV so you have to leave the country every 60 days.. If you don't need a 30 day extension on an entry you don't need to visit immigration, so no TM30 grief.. If you have IDP and your home licence, is valid for a continuous period of 90 days.. Because with the METV you have to leave every 60 days, you are covered.. IDP is officially valid for 12 mths but only 90 days continuous in one country.. So forget a Thai DL and TM30's as isn't necessary..
  10. I don't know if there was much DNA evidence available in 1986.. The technology wasn't advanced enough 30+ years ago.. Fingerprints, yes..
  11. If the OP #prevaill wants to use his VPN in a simplified way to watch Netflix or Catchup TV on his smart Samsung TV, the easiest, as previously suggested is to use your laptop.. With the Nord VPN loaded, and the designated country sorted, and Netflix or others installed to your laptop, you then find your source and view on your computer and via a HDMI cable running from laptop to HDMI port on your TV, you are up and running.. On your TV remote, under SOURCE, find the HDMI that's connected, click on it and your problems are solved.. You cannot cast or mirror Netflix from your phone to TV if your VPN is connected to your phone.. So via your laptop, it is very easy..
  12. I suppose the most popular choice at your traditional fish n chip shop in Melbourne is Flake, which is shark and some name as Gummy Shark.. My favourites were Blue Grenadier, King George Whiting, Hake, Bream, Butterfish and Flathead tails.. Each having their own individual taste.. Different states have different choices on the menu, depending on local fishing breeds.. But fish always has to go with Dim Sims, Potato Cakes, Chiko Rolls, and Beef Croquettes.. Lots of salt, and don't forget the vinegar on the chips.. Unfortunately the crap they serve here is waterlogged, tasteless and enriched with everything you shouldn't be eating anyway..
  13. I remember my first trip to real Burma back in 1987.. I think a tourist could only stay for 7-10 days and all your travel by bus (or songthaew) or train had to be booked and paid through a government tourism office, as well as recording all your accommodation which had to be approved.. You also had to bring in a minimum of USD for each day which had to be exchanged into local Kyat at official rates.. Any excess and you could change on the black market at about a 10x better exchange rate.. The former government knew every tourist's moves, itinerary and accommodation from arrival.. But today's Myanmar is free of most restrictions, unlike Thai's TM30.. The same year 1987 visited the former USSR for 10 days, part of an organised tour through former Leningrad, Moscow, Minsk and Smolensk.. A local guide accompanied the tour 24/7, usually a university student, and would have to make a daily report. All hotels had gated security with uniformed guards to prevent any westerners from leaving the hotel solo after hours.. I remember then, going to Gorky Park, seeing an undercover agent in a trench coat reading a newspaper observing our group.. He appeared at 2 other locations that day.. Paranoia plus.. Today's Russia, as free and liberal as most European countries.. I'm thinking that Thailand's current immigration and TM30 reporting would be amongst the toughest worldwide, with perhaps the exception of North Korea..
  14. I agree with the sentence and may he rot in jail for the remainder of his years.. But here in Thailand one can be charged with aggravated murder and be sentenced to 12yrs and by pleading guilty, out in 6 yrs.. Unless you're a hiso and can have your conviction quashed with the handover of a brown envelope.. It is good to be always on the right side of the law in Thailand as a foreigner, because shites can happen if someone's not careful..
  15. Graft always starts and is hidden by the top elite.. This is most likely only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm sure there are many others hiding their offshore undeclared wealth from scrutineers..
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