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  1. Just taking care of the baby, cooking not required, maybe a clean once a week but that's not a massive thing, just looking after our son is the main thing. As for the hours, we would be fine having someone for 8 hours, but I know maybe that's too long for some people so that's why I said 5-8. If they can only do 5 that's okay but 5 is the minimum, 8 would be ideal. As for salary that is negotiable depending on hours, but we were thinking somewhere around the 13k-18k ballpark depending on hours. Again, the salary would be negotiable depening on everything. Something which is fair and similar to the price of nannies in Bangkok in general.
  2. Hi, my wife and I are looking for a nanny to help with our newborn son, he's currently 2 months 1 week old. And we will be arriving in Bangkok this weekend and staying for at least a year. So we're looking for someone who would potentially be able to start sometime in April. So I guess he'd be around 3 months by the time we have someone to help us. The main requirements are that You can speak either one of Thai or Chinese fluent (my wife can speak chinese/thai/english). And can speak Engish to a basic level of understanding so I can communicate with the nanny. Or English fluent with some basic level of Chinese or Thai. Have looked after newborns before (0-2 years) so have experience and can provide a reference from a family you've previously been a nanny for one or two examples of this, as our son is very important us both and understandably want to make sure he's left in good hands. We would require on a Monday-Saturday basis for about 5-8 hours a day. not sure if this is classed as full or part-time. If you can only do part time, then we may still be interested just let me know what sort of hours and how many days a week you would be able to do. We have a condo in Thonglor area, so obviously the closer you are the easier it is for commuting.
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