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  1. I've bought 2 bikes, both got plates in 2-3 weeks. And green book after 1 month. Just carry the purchase documents for the bike, in case you get stopped by the cops and they will be fine about it.
  2. TNT can be done at less than £20 last time I did it early 2018if you book through parcel2go for a A4 size envelope weighing less than 1kg iirc. 2 days London to Bangkok, delivered at my condo. 32x32x2 Edit: I just did a quote and it seemed they've upped their prices from £20 to £29.40 in the last year since I used them last because they don't offer the option to drop it off at your post office now (courier will collect from your UK address) and maybe just a general price hike. Sorry, but still cheaper than DHL and faster TNT express
  3. TNT, I've used them 3 times via parcel2go to send documents and received them all from within 2 days since they were dropped off at the local post office where my parents live in London and sent to Bangkok. Very impressed with them.
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