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  1. I am a Permanent Resident in Singapore, but not via the investor scheme. If you can afford to throw those millions on the table, you probably wouldn't worry about paying 125bht for a chicken rice at a food court or almost 3,000,000 bht for a Toyota Vios that costs 500K in Thailand (not joking).

    In general, singapore has over the last couple of years become much more restrictive of issuing PR's and other types of visas. Yes, they are still quite liberal, but not quite like before. And yes, in theory permanent residency is permanent, BUT the re-entry permit is only renewable for 5 years at the time, which means that without it, you can't leave singapore without losing your PR.

    One more thing, if you are a PR and you have male children who also are PRs, they will have to do two years of national service (army) in Singapore. No exceptions.

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  2. They haven't arrested AND convicted even one boat owner or captain for kidnapping, abuse etc. They haven't suggested huge fines and closure of business involved in severe violations of the law. All these measures suggested are useless, because of all the corruption in Thailand. The only thing that helps is severe punishments of ALL (yes, including the seafood barons of Thailand) for involvent in legal activities. Until that happens, the measures are a joke, and Thailand should NOT escape sanctions.

    If they avoid sanctions, it will be business as usual, with human trafficking, abuse and overfishing.

  3. Hopefully the EU will cripple them, it the only way they will learn, even Prayut is just all mouth & the big corruption still goes on with no intention to be stopped.

    the only way Thai's learn is through loss of money so bring it on EU and teach these idiots something.

    Do you live in Thailand, or are you saying this because any potential bans will not effect you?

    Maybe he cares about people who are slaves. Maybe he cares about human trafficking.

    Do you?

    Perhaps he cares about cheap seafood, regardless if it required the toil of thousands of tortured slaves.

  4. I wonder how much they have stashed away overseas, because they are always ALLOWED to leave the country once they are "caught". This guy has 30 days to get out and prepare his exile. What a joke. If they are serious about combating graft, then arrest him first, freeze the assets and all travel documents.

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  5. For those who love beer, checkout www.wishbeer.com, which offers about 400 different beers and shipping all over Thailand, sometimes cheaper than the supermarkets.

    For british beers, Villa Market has an unparalleled variety. They offer beers from Theakston, Titanic, Wells, Young's, Courage, St Austell, Hook Norton, Wadworth, Beer Kitchen, Sambrook's and McEwans. For fullers beers, the Central Stores have them.

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  6. What a HUGE mistake! The thai people (from the elite to the poor) don't want anything to do with Russians or their products. It is a country more mismanaged than any ASEAN country. If the generals are doing this to piss USA and EU off, they risk pushing them into the hands of Thaksin, who can be their "man" in getting back into Thailand. At the same time, when Thailand is flooded with ill behaved Russians and Chinese, and further alienated from the west, the people (including the elite) will turn against this government. They need to stop flirting with the devil, because they will get burnt. This is tragic.

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