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  1. I am just wondering why some people are going through those hoops just to come to Thailand for a holiday? Thailand must be heaven on earth.
  2. TEFL (teaching English as foreign language) course takes only one to two months to obtain. These are crash courses out to make money for some people. They are probably learning Thai language which needs one year.
  3. Most of these people aren't here to study Thai anyway so they themselves are scamming the government. They skip classes as much as possible or just come in for the first hour.
  4. It's O-A and not O, you hold an O visa. Holders of “O-A” (long stay) & “B” visa (as well as eligible candidate for “O-A” (long-stay) & “B” visa may now apply for the Certificate of Entry (COE)
  5. Belgium is not considered a low-risk country so you won't be allowed in as a tourist or retirement.
  6. Did you have to pay anything for the extension stamp to be transferred to the new passport?
  7. What is this 'minor' offence? If it is truly minor , they wouldn't have taken his passport away.
  8. Almost every country is in turmoil, so they are numb to this. The Baht won't plummet or else it would have done so by now. In fact, I foresee opening up tourism to Chinese will see the Baht getting stronger in the future.
  9. What the heck is 'Permit date on your passport must not overstay'? What has it got to do with our online entry being rejected? They really should hire a more professional translator. That's not proper English.
  10. It is better to go to immigration and pay the penalty first. If you are caught, you are going to have to pay more and will be banned for 5 years from coming to Thailand. Overstayed more than 90 days – 1 year ban from Thailand Overstayed more than 1 year – 3 year ban from Thailand Overstayed more than 3 years – 5 year ban from Thailand Overstayed more than 5 years – 10 year ban from Thailand Overstayed less than 1 year but apprehended and arrested – 5 year ban from Thailand Overstayed more than one year but apprehended and arrested – 10 yea
  11. I went to Chiang Mai immigration today to ask about the visa extension beyond the passport expiry date but they said it's not possible. I read somewhere in this forum, that the officer gave that retiree twelve months instead of less than 12 months even though his passport expiry date is less than 12 months. I requested to talk to the retirement extension officers but they refused and just asked a young 'volunteer' written on his badge to talk to me. Can anyone who was in the same situation confirm or refute his statement?
  12. You are stating only Finland. It's stated there that you must have a valid residence permit in Finland. So if we substitute Finland for Cambodia/Malaysia, it would read the same. 7. Foreign nationals (other than Finnish/Estonian): Copy of valid residence permit in Finland, which valid until the end of your trip.
  13. Do most Thai schools teach American English or British English? What I mean is the official curriculum books.
  14. Sorry, what is that 15k for? Is that used to bribe the officer and for agent fees service to bribe the officer?
  15. Where's the official document stating there? Can you please show it.
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