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  1. Blood clots happen in different body parts for different people. If blood clot happen in your hand, or legs, it's quite minor. But if blood clots happen in the heart or lungs, then it can be life threatening. It doesn't mean that those who didn't die didn't have blood-clots, just different body parts which can be easily cured by an anti-clotting agent if given enough time.
  2. Luckily I haven't registered yet. How many times do we have to 'register' before they get it right?
  3. Which currency exchange rate does immigration use when calculating the Thai amount ? It fluctuates every day.
  4. What does it mean 'by vaccinated'? If it is only one dose, it is not enough. You must be fully vaccinated with two doses to be effective. Not only UK, I've read reports of deaths in other countries like Vietnam and Indonesia. It's not unique in Thailand.
  5. That's why I prefer to do my own research rather than listen to what some forummers said
  6. @terryp The Thai government (and some people here) is still denying that AZ causes blood clots. When the blood clots form in the heart, it can be fatal. There are many reports of deaths caused by AZ all over the world and AZ even stated that blood clot is a confirmed but 'rare' side effect. I've posted a link in another thread on the scientific reason why it cause blood clot so I won't link again.
  7. @neilrob This is obviously a loophole of the system. There are foreigners who have the same visa and stayed almost as long in Thailand who are still unable to get an appointment just because they don't have a pink ID. This phase actually should be for Thai people only. Pink ID holders are not permanent residents, they are just temporary residents on a yearly renewal. As usual, Thai system is unsystematic.
  8. If the work is that easy, then why need a young worker below 40 years old? Older worker can sometimes be more hardworking than younger worker. I think you should really increase their salary. Everything has gone up despite Covid.
  9. Agree. Burmese had it tough back home, Thai people are spoilt for choices.
  10. Really?Then why is it that I find it very difficult to find Thai workers who are willing work for such long hours for low pay. I am talking about repairing house work or renovation to a house.
  11. @Rampant Rabbit Probably your pay is too low and not worth the hard work. Thai prefer to stay at home and not work unless the pay is high. Thai are mostly lazy workers, they even demand 1000 baht for a less than one hour manual job. When I asked for a reduction, he just walked away. That's why a lot are still jobless because they are choosy.
  12. Cambodia is not a border country to China. Thailand is considered a border country even though it doesn't directly border but is very close to the border.
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