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  1. The problem is that in the past, many people have declared false affidavits to circumvent the financial requirements. Now that immigration has closed the loopholes, they start to complain. I imagine Thailand has the most number of retirees in the world, that's why they can be choosy. What will be the exodus percentage?
  2. I doubt it is home country's bank books and statements. There are more than 100 countries in the world with tens of banks in each country. How are they going to verify and read all the languages? They have trouble understanding English. Bank statements can be forged just like degrees can be forged.
  3. Is there any changes for marriage extension? That's for retirement extension only.
  4. You do understand that there are more than 100 countries in the world. Do you expect Thai immigration to verify the authenticity of the bank books and the all the different language? Foreign bank statements can be forged , not difficult in this digital age.
  5. So what happens if the amount dips below 800k within 3 months after getting the visa? Do we have to go to immigration to show our bank balance again? This is just one ridiculous requirement. Why not make it 5 months before application date. At least, the bank book will show.
  6. The rules doesn't constantly change. The basic rule has always been the same since the beginning, you need a minimum of 800 k or a monthly pension coming in at 6500 baht. But most retirees don't have these amount of money so they 'cheated' by going through the loopholes. 1. They declared false affidavits knowing that their country doesn't validate 2. They borrowed money from agents just for a few months. 3. They recycled their money for the monthly incoming pension. Somebody in immigration finally managed to improve their English, wise-up by reading the posts in ThaiVisa and is slowly closing the loopholes one by one. The only change is to have above 800k for 5 months instead of three months in the past. Anybody who genuinely has 800k (and didn't borrow from agent) would have no problem keeping a minimum of 400k, I don't think anybody would spend 400k in only 7 months.
  7. Is she Caucasian, African or East Asian? If she is really a foreigner, the immigration is the best place to notify.
  8. That reminds me of some Thai people who think they are conversationally fluent in English but when they spoke to native English speakers, the native English speakers couldn't understand them. Maybe this discussion should be in the 'Thai language' subforum instead of here.
  9. Wow! That looks nice. May I know what is the condo called?
  10. I agree, the differences between English and Thai are huge. English is not an easy language to learn for native Thai speakers and vice versa when you are above 40 years old.
  11. As I have said, it's only good for beginner English and beginner Thai. In the past, I've Thai people using apps and Google translate to communicate with me and it turned out gibberish except for simple sentences. If these apps are as intelligent as human translator, all the Thai language schools would have closed down by now. Who can't afford 700 baht, right? His kids learning from the app? No wonder there are so many grammatical mistakes and gibberish sentences in Thailand.
  12. Next time do snap a photo because we don't know what you are talking about.
  13. Then you don't have much choice, either take Chiang Mai uni Thai course or AUA course. The advantage of Chiang Mai uni Thai course is they also immerse you in Thai culture and everything is slow. I sat for half an hour there and I fell almost asleep. Payap university is usually for intense learners. Everybody has different taste.
  14. Huay Kaew Residence is not on Nimman, it's on a very busy street. All these are inside the city center and not considered suburbs. I moved out from that area because of bars near Kad Suan Kaew who like to blare their speakers out loud until 12 midnight. I need to sleep before 12 sometimes. Suburbs would be like Mae Jo, Mae Rim, Doi Saket.
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