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  1. What has high gold prices got to do with a strong baht? Does anyone know?
  2. I am thinking of going on a short trip to Bangkok by bus? Anybody taken the long distance bus yet?
  3. Crazy, man. Why do you need Songkran this year? To spread the virus in a second wave?
  4. I see a lot of Thai people just make a U-turn even when there are incoming traffic. The other day, I nearly knocked down two teenagers on a bike who make a U-turn when I was going straight. They didn't even have any helmets on. Is it the education system in Thailand or parents' didn't warn them?
  5. How can it be case-by-case? Who's going to assess before boarding the plane?
  6. High fever doesn't mean COVID, it could be bacterial infection etc. Government should tell the public later whether they tested positive after a COVID test.
  7. How true. The only time a young gal will scream is when the old man give her 1 million baht as a present.
  8. You can't expect the type of salaries in the USA and Europe with the low cost of living in Thailand.
  9. In normal times, they do accept non-essential things like clothing, toys but in times of pandemic, it's a different story for obvious reasons.
  10. Those are the old requirements and it might not be the same after July 1. I predict that there will be different requirements for countries with different risk i.e. low, mid, high risk. I know some people here don't want to hear this but this is the most likely scenario that will be announced sometimes in late June.
  11. You will only get 3 months every time on the condition that you pass the language test that the immigration officer give you when you go to renew. I used to have a class-mate who said he didn't pass the test so he couldn't get the extension. There are many people who use education visa just to stay in Thailand but they don't actually attend the classes or study Thai. That's why immigration came up with this 3 months scheme. There are some schools who run visa-mill for 'students' who skip classes and don't really study.
  12. So what's the 'new normal' for Go-go bars and massage parlours after 1 June? You must keep your bodies apart by more than 2 meters? Virtual reality sex????
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