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  1. From your example, shouldn't Superrich be the cheapest? Do they do international transfer?
  2. Do they buy back gold from countries other than Thailand?
  3. You obviously didn't understand what I said earlier. These are my points. 1. Thai schools teach only literary Thai but not practical Thai , that's why I stopped going there after a few months. I learnt practical Thai by speaking with the man on the street. 2. Many people here who think their Thai is of intermediate level need to come back to reality. That's why I posted that video clip.... if you can completely understand that clip and speak like that, then you are of intermediate level. If not, then it's only basic level. I believe even a Grade 3 Thai kid can understan
  4. These rankings are useless when there are still tons of people who want to retire in Thailand.
  5. Finally, the reality sinks in. Only those jobless but rich people who don't mind going into quarantine for 14 days because they have the money to travel for many months.
  6. If you really understood. Please translate the 7 minutes video for us , sentence by sentence.
  7. Actually, there are roughly six levels in learning any language. A1 (Beginner) - You can manage simple words and very simple sentence like 'Where are you from', 'what is your name', 'I like to eat fish', 'Have you eaten yet', 'telling time' etc. This is what beginner Thai teach. A2 (Basic) - You can manage more complicated sentences like 'because', 'if', 'whenever' that join two sentences. B1 (Lower intermediate) - You can manage multiple sentences in a short paragraph without knowing technical terms and only knowing common words. At this level ,
  8. LOL. I've used it so many times in the past, and they never reply using 'Khun'. There are many other more common ways for 'you' that are not taught in Learn Thai schools. This is just one tiny example, there are lots of other examples. This goes to show your lack of interaction with ordinary Thai people especially in the rural area.
  9. What about foreigners? When will they start issuing these? Are there fake ones selling on Khao San road?
  10. Surely there are many signs whether it is an Asian or a westerner even without the head. The bone structure, hair distribution, skin color are different.
  11. It was stated that she had no underlying illness before the vaccine so the cause is obvious.
  12. You're confused between formal words and formal education. If someone have been learning English for 1 to 2 years and still couldn't communicate in lower intermediate English with the man on the street, the problem lies with the teacher and not the students. A good teacher would be able to teach a foreigner how to speak basic English within a few months and 1 to 2 years to reach lower intermediate level. We are not talking about reading newspaper or listening to news broadcast which require near native proficiency. I have been talking to a few students who h
  13. Were there are any warnings that Moderna can't be used over a certain age? Death is really serious and why did Moderna not give any prior warnings beforehand?
  14. Unfortunately, I don't have someone who can translate for me what they are saying so how can I possibly learn if I don't know the meaning? I only learnt what the teachers taught were mostly wrong when I go out and speak with Thai people. Nobody says 'Khun' in real life and a lot of other words.
  15. Soreness and swelling isn't a 'side-effect'. It's common in every injection especially if the nurse don't know how to inject properly. On TV that day, I saw some blood coming out after injection which show the nurse isn't do it properly. However, the nausea and vomitting is considered a side-effect. If it last only one day and not prolonged, then it is mild.
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