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  1. I don't know if this is of any use to you or not. But I made enquiries at immigration some years ago regarding trying to obtain residency, They sent me packing without even looking at the reams of paperwork that i'd bought with me. You cannot even apply to obtain residency until you have at least three one year visa extensions issued in the country. I'm also a commuter, i got my Thai TIN number. Tax Identification Number & was then told that i can't pay tax here until i spend 180 days or more in the country. Count yourself lucky if your not paying UK tax i doubt very much if anybody here in Thailand have the facilities, knowledge or want to track down expatriate individuals for unpaid tax.
  2. Nobody is going to wan't to come here with all the backtracking that government departments keep changing their minds. Far to expensive. What with ฿100,000 travel insurance to leave LOS & a 100,000 US Dollar travel insurance to gain entry to Thailand. That's ฿3.1 Million insurance cover. Then COE certificate of entry, surely that's what a visa is for. Then not one but two fit to fly certificates, (normally only used for heavily pregnant women & people with abnormal blood pressure). You would need to take many days or weeks off from work just to get the paper work in place prior to travel. Husband, wife & two kids going on holiday, to get that paper work in place will be more expensive than your actual holiday. No doubt there will be some more backtracking in the not to distant future. TIT
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