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  1. Another query if someone could advise please? Regarding 'Specified Evidence' in relation to the Financial Requirement, there is a part where it says a letter from the employer is required stating salary level, length of time paid salary at this level and type of contract. In the past I've had to obtain this, but this time the application wil be based on my wife's income which is non-salaried. The requirement for this letter appears to only apply to salaried. It doesn't mention such a letter being required for non-salaried. I'm assuming thus that it isn't. However, I'd be obliged if someone could confirm that, as I always think there will be some hidden clause somewhere that I've missed. Apologies if this question seems a bit obvious! Thanks.
  2. Could anyone advise regarding this please? Regarding FLR Category A applications, the guidance talks about meeting the £18,600 pa figure which is £9300 for the 6 months relevant to the application. It explains how this can be met through either salaried employment, or non-salaried where a mean figure is used from the 6 months gross earnings and that for both options overtime can also be included. How would they calculate this if the first 2 months are non-salaried but the next 4 are salaried because the employer has changed all employees over to salaried? Would they do 2 separate calculations IE £1550 gross per month required for the 2 non salaried months, then base the next 4 months on salaried? The guidance notes don't mention scenarios like this, where an employer has changed the employees method of payment, they only talk about 6 months of salaried or non-salaried income. Thanks
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