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  1. I visit Lamphun sometimes because my partner is from there. I have often thought that Lamphun town (as opposed to the province) would a great spot for anyone on a tight budget who just wants a relaxed life. Foreigners are still somewhat exotic there, the pubs are fun because you have young factory workers from all over Thailand, and you can easily find very cheap accommodation, around 3k per month + electricity. There are a couple of big, modern shopping malls, lots of coffee shops etc. The Thai restaurants and food markets are significantly cheaper than anywhere in Chiang Mai. You've still go
  2. This is a tough to explain to people but, if your investment period is two weeks, you need to stay the Hell away from crypto. When we say that an asset is highly-volatile, it means that there are massive swings every week, even when things are going well. The reason why we stick with such assets is because the general trend, over the courses of months and years, is impressively profitable. If you bought Ethereum 3 months ago you are currently up 300%. If you bought 6 months ago you are currently up 500%. If you bought one year ago you are currently up 1000%. Again, my recommenda
  3. I'm sorry but, even as a non-resident, I have over a dozen US bank accounts. Where you happen to live is irrelevant once you have established your identity. Perhaps accounts are suspended if you fail to let them know that you have changed address, but roughly 50% of US bank accounts belong to non-resident, non-citizens.
  4. Can you give any example of any Western bank doing such a thing?
  5. The agent doesn't deposit any money. They pay a fee to an immigration officer to ignore that requirement. The USA may be behind the most advanced countries such as Israel and the UK, but it is miles ahead of the EU. If you cannot get a vaccine appointment in your home state, catch a flight to Florida, the governor down there has been doing a great job. In any case, Thailand has not yet dropped the quarantine and testing requirements. If your father decides to come, aim for the summer when those expensive requirements will be dropped in favor of a vaccination requirement.
  6. Sure, but I think plans regarding a 94 year old should stick to what the rules are today. If the rules change, and his father is still alive, they can deal with it then.
  7. You would have to be an idiot to accept the imposition of a night-time curfew on the grounds that there was a virus going around.
  8. Why not do the 90-day report online? That is not what they do. The visa is called "elite" but there is no actual elite treatment. They are not going to be there to deal with "issues". Unless there is some sort of insurance requirement for the retirement extensions, the Elite visa only really makes sense for people under the age of 50 who are not eligible for the retirement extensions. Presume that there is a 50% chance that your father may demand to go home within 3 months. A five-year Elite visa would be a crazy purchase.
  9. Surely ER Sorry if I have missed some previous posts on this, by why not simply deposit $26k in a Thai bank and get a retirement visa? If it turns out that Thailand is not a good fit for your father you can simply take the money back at any time. Also worth mentioning that you can pay an agent to handle the application and avoid the need to deposit any money.
  10. My observation of my own father's situation is that the lockdowns have made little difference to him. He watches endless TV, gorges in the kitchen, sleeps at the wrong times, never uses his exercise bike, occasionally enjoy phone calls or skype calls from his family. He is incapable of living independently because, every day, he needs basic help, although he is in denial about this. He receives 90 minutes of assistance per day via his local health authority but it is not enough, the carers keep changing, and there is significant variability in their abilities and attitude. Many things that nee
  11. Ignore the haters. Banking will be no problem. Online banking with his US bank online and in-person banking with his Thai bank. Someone suggested Chiang Mai. Lovely city but, unfortunately, the atrocious air quality during the first half of the year will hasten his demise. If he can cope with losing his familiar environment, the quality of his interactions will be far higher in Thailand. Experiences such as massages should improve his overall quality of life. The quality of care in the West is both astonishingly bad and astonishingly expensive. If he has the basic money necessary to e
  12. Chiang Mai is lovely, but you are insane if you spend time there during the first half of the year. The data is clear, the health consequences are now well understood, anyone who thinks they are saving money by ignoring this is in for a big surprise when they discover how expensive medical care for terminal conditions can be.
  13. My guess is that, once vaccination of the general population pushes infection levels back below 0.1% again, the annual covid jab will simply be given to the same segment of the population who get flu vaccines every year, and probably at the same time. There has never been any logical reason to lock down the entire population rather than re-focus the limited resources on shielding the individuals who were actually vulnerable. The human race, through a mixture of modern media hysteria, social media panic, and weak politicians, has been corralled into a stunning overreaction that will be marve
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