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  1. Said with the weary expertise of a successful 42-year-old man who has spent years waiting for his 67-year-old wife to die.
  2. For sure. The impetus for collaboration has to be hooked on some sort of reality, otherwise it is easier for each state to wallow in the lazy continuation of outdated prejudices. For a new generation of Arab leaders, and MBS in particular, it is incongruous that their citizens can not travel to or trade with a modern, technologically advanced, and relatively wealthy neighbor. The strengthening of Iran over the past decade has been the excuse they were looking for to refocus their foreign policy. Yeah, he's a wiley politician for sure, and far more aware than Trump that this is l
  3. Finally, one of the rare things that we can all agree on. No one, of any political persuasion, would be so petty as to fail to acknowledgement that this is a stunning achievement. This makes it five Arab countries that have turned their backs on hatred: Egypt, Jordan, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and, now, Sudan. Is it at all possible that Saudi Arabia might join in? We know they probably want to because Bahrain, in particular, would not have done so without tacit Saudi support. For Saudi itself to do it would, however, be a huge step, and very tricky in terms of their intern
  4. Yeah, I really love that one too. After watching the Thai soul under the boot for so long, I find much of the protest symbolism very moving. Here's a terrific one I came across today, quite soon after having a discussion in which a friend observed that is was strange how the monks, after being so prominent in the Myanmar mass protests a few years back, are apparently avoiding the Thai protests. The HDR color range really makes this solitary monk's shawl all the more poignant: Oh, is the word Deleted banned? That's amazing. Interestingly, this emoji is still permit
  5. Delighted to hear that. I had been putting off ordering mine but will now fire ahead.
  6. No .. what?! I was clearly responding to jak2002003, and obviously reacting to his hysterical misinterpretation of what I said. He somehow came to understand that I was saying the old should be wiped out when I was saying quite the opposite: that all the vulnerable (young and old) should have been properly shielded from the start. Great. I was very specific in what I said: "We should be focusing our resources on shielding those who feel they are vulnerable" So, instead of locking down everyone, we lock down those who feel they are vulnerable. Meaning everyone goes off a
  7. Yes. What I have observed in many families is that the gravest danger to the vulnerable is the inability of seemingly non-retarded family members to understand how viral transmission works, combined with selfishness and laziness. That seems to have been what was mostly responsible for the extraordinary death toll in Italy. Granny and Grandpa would isolate at home but their kids and grandkids, living in the same house, went about their lives as normal, brought the virus home, and ended up killing them. Many people are idiots and that is why I advocate a robust approach that actually gives th
  8. Impressive kids too. Whoever came up with these techniques is a genius. PR-aware and disciplined. If they end up hurting these kids world opinion will be outraged.
  9. Large amounts of money have magical powers in Thailand. Not saying it will be cheap, but a judge would have plausible grounds for dismissing this case if he were to feel so inclined
  10. Who do you think will be getting the $30,000 that is being crowdfunded for her?
  11. Yeah, I'm not yet quite sure how to interpret the long Covid reports. I do know that, in the first few months of the pandemic, the media made a point of highlighting the Covid deaths of younger people, deliberately creating the distorted impression that it was more dangerous to folks under 50 than it actually is. The statistics told a very different story. Their justification for that deliberate distortion was a worry that the young would simply not stick to the lockdown unless they believed it was a direct threat to them. Now, as we head into a 2nd round of lockdowns, my worry is that the
  12. Such an excellent photo, so eloquently captures this moment in history, I love it! I'm stealing it as my profile photo, first one I've had in a decade on this forum. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.
  13. Are they providing the dark blue passports by now, or are they still using up the remaining maroon covers?
  14. Thank you. This is a perfect example of the sort of hysteria I am talking about. Right there, in the text you quoted, I say that we should be focusing our resources on providing real protection to those who both need it and want it. No. Those who are of working age are about to get hit with the highest taxes we have seen in the West since the Sixties so that we can pay for the extraordinary steps we have already taken, and will continue to take, to protect your generation. There is something extraordinarily selfish about the boomer generation that prevents you from apprec
  15. This is the key point you should all understand. Every government in the world is in panic mode because they now know that quarantining an entire population of people who are not only healthy but, also, at very little risk if they do get infected is an unprecedented act of idiocy. It is now clear that they should have focused their resources on shielding the vulnerable and allowed everyone else to continue working to pay for it. Unfortunately, because their priority is to get re-elected, they are unable to back down from this mistake until they have plausible excuse for doing do. The primar
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